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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Have Our Hearts Grown Cold?

WorldNetDaily carried an important story late last week about fresh evidence of Planned Parenthood’s corporate policy of helping cover up the sexual abuse of teenage girls – as well as a pattern of violating state laws requiring parental consent before an abortion is committed against a girl.

The intrepid Lila Rose produced a sting tape of an abortuary run by Planned Parenthood in Alabama. Posing as a 14-year old girl, Ms. Rose asked for their help in skirting the parental consent law and protecting her 31-year-old “boyfriend”.

Not a problem, said the staffer. “As long as you consented to having sex with him, there’s nothing we can truly do about that”, the counselor adds. This, despite the fact that Alabama law makes it clear that 14-year-old girls cannot give legal consent because they are children.

The smoking-gun tape was so concrete that the Alabama Department of Health undertook an investigation of the abortion center, producing a 38-page report documenting that the Planned Parenthood operation systematically ignored two key laws designed to protect young girls: The first requires parental consent before an abortion. The second requires reporting suspected cases of sexual abuse to law enforcement officials for investigation.

“The Health Department report documents the same malpractice that we have found in state after state,” Rose is quoted as saying. “Sexually abused minors are being neglected by Planned Parenthood, which puts its own ‘abortion-first mentality’ before child protection.”

There is no doubt that the failure to report suspected sexual abuse is systematic, a corporate policy of sorts, throughout the Planned Parenthood empire. Several years ago we reviewed available data on reporting of sexual abuse in Idaho and found a huge discrepancy between reports filed and teenage pregnancy rates. The data strongly suggests that this reluctance to report abuse is as true in Idaho as it is everywhere else.

Please stop and ponder that for a moment. In effect, Planned Parenthood is engaging in a criminal conspiracy to protect predators, to enable the continued sexual abuse of teenage girls across the country.

Yet the public tax dollars continue to be pumped into the organization. Sometimes a public relations problem – but never a criminal charge against the corporate culture at Planned Parenthood.

Where is the outrage?

Compare the reaction this Planned Parenthood story has received with the fever pitch after the ACORN tapes were revealed.

While public outrage was fed by Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and others, even allies in Congress had to feign a shared indignation and move to block ACORN funding. (In fact, there are still ACORN stories up on Hannity’s website).

But no story, no big tv interview, no petitions to stop public funding of Planned Parenthood. About the only place we were able to find a clear expression of moral outrage was on David Horowitz’s blog.

Is the lack of outrage due to the chilling of our hearts? Can we not feel the tremendous damage that Planned Parenthood is doing to America’s children? The sexualizing and abuse of our children, particularly our daughters, may be a crime of greater long-term magnitude than even the slaughter of preborn children.

Our failure to rise up and demand an end to our collective partnership with Planned Parenthood is an indication that we need some very serious prayer efforts, begging the Lord to lead us into repentance.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Hannity's Embrace of Giuliani is Disappointing

Conservative radio and TV personality Sean Hannity spent much of his radio show late last week explaining how he could see himself supporting Rudy Giuliani for President. Mr. Hannity explained that he liked Rudy, and admired him for the way he handled things in New York City following 9-11.

Hannity acknowledged that he didn’t agree with Rudy on things like abortion, gay marriage, homosexual rights, taxes and gun control. Well, we should hope not. But the truly amazing part of Hannity’s national monologue was his rationalization(s) for abandoning his own value system in order to find a comfort level with his friend Rudy.

We won’t go into all of it here. The central anxiety was how easily Hannity dismissed Giuliani’s commitment to abortion rights.

While claiming to be “passionately pro-Life”, Hannity argued that the only thing a president can do in office is make “good” appointments to the Supreme Court. Then he said the amazing: “Let’s face it folks, the abortion debate in this country is over – until the hearts and minds of Americans are changed.”

With all due respect, that is a jaded perspective on our current cultural situation, and it is a simplistic view of the presidency.

Certainly appointments to the high court are essential to the pro-Life movement’s hope of seeing justice restored for our preborn children. But so are the appointments to all levels of the judiciary. Mr. Hannity claims that he has been assured by Rudy that he would appoint folks like Scalia and Thomas to the high court. But the obvious question is why? Why would Giuliani use one of his most important constitutional powers to appoint justices with whom he disagrees on nearly every single domestic issue? This simply makes not a shred of sense; it also contradicts the historical record of every president since the beginning of the Republic. In blindly swallowing such rubbish from his friend, Hannity is failing to force Giuliani into presenting American voters with a coherent and honest agenda.

But a president’s ability to help create and defend a pro-Life culture goes well beyond the judiciary. Legislation presented to Congress can help rebuild the wall – as Bush did in developing health insurance benefits for preborn children.

And defending the nation from the Abortion Lobby through the veto stamp is also an important weapon. We have seen President Bush wield it effectively in battling efforts to turn preborn children into a natural resource.

But probably the single most important thing President Bush has done during his time in office is to address the nation on the pro-Life issue, his televised speech right before the awful events of 9-11.

Leadership necessarily involves teaching and moral persuasion. It is highly likely that President Bush helped save many lives that night – because he used his moral authority to challenge troubled parents into realizing that abortion was not an acceptable “choice”. Abortion obviously involves the destruction of an innocent human life.

We can be certain that no such moment will come with a President Giuliani.

It is a real shame that Mr. Hannity is so comfortable bailing out on his own convictions in order to support virtually anyone wearing the “GOP” jersey, especially this early in the process. It is not like there are no legitimate conservative alternatives. Unfortunately, the pro-Life cause seems to be just another shopping list "issue” for Sean.

He fails to appreciate the fact that abortion is the central battleground for America’s future.

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