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Monday, June 09, 2008

Sebelius for Vice President?

Let’s start this discussion by admitting a very wrong guess. We have written in this column months ago that Hillary Clinton was all but certain to be the Democrat nominee. It would take a lot of energy and a determined interest to know how on earth she managed to squander a huge opening advantage. But she did, and it probably doesn’t matter much to the pro-Life movement because Barack Obama is every bit as committed to killing the innocent as Clinton. (Maybe some smart guy will write a decent book as an offering to political junkies explaining her melodramatic implosion).

So here we are: Obama versus McCain.

There will plenty of weeks to discuss this race. For today, let’s consider the drama unfolding around Obama’s pick for Vice-President.

One of the folks being touted as an alternative to the Hillary VP disaster is Governor Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas. Media pundits correctly point to the fact that Sebelius comes from a leaning Republican state in the Midwest; she is a woman – and she is not Hillary Clinton.Those are all credible facts in Sebelius’ favor.

But those same media analysts go to the next level and describe her as some sort of “moderate”.

That will be a hard sell.

The most damaging thing we’re aware of is her symbiotic relationship with George Tiller – America’s most notorious abortionist. He is credited with providing much of the campaign finance to her first election. She has reciprocated by doing much to protect him from criminal prosecution for his flouting of Kansas law prohibiting late term abortions. (Her latest act was to appoint a pro-abortion Attorney General who has worked overtime to keep records away a Grand Jury investigating allegations against Tiller).

Now a new scandal has emerged: Sebelius feted George Tiller and his abortion clinic staff at the Governor’s Mansion in April of 2007 – while Tiller was under criminal investigation. To make matters worse, this political fundraising event was paid for by taxpayers until a pro-Life group forced the issue just two weeks ago.

While McCain has shown no disposition toward using the bully-pulpit to defend preborn children, he may be moved to do so should Obama be foolish enough to select Sebelius.

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