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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Idaho House Passes Health Freedom Act

The Idaho House of Representatives passed HB391 on Tuesday by a lopsided 52-18 vote. Sponsored by Reps. Labrador, Luker & Clark, this legislation lays the groundwork for the State of Idaho to fight ObamaCare should it be shoved through the Congress.

Sadly, the vote was a strictly partisan affair. All Democrats voted against it, all Republicans voted for the measure. One would have hoped that at least some Democrats would have joined the effort to push back against Nancy Pelosi's

frightening plan to take over America's health care system. The current versions of this scheme would fundamentally alter the relationship of citizens to their government. It is arguable, in fact, that much of the driving mania behind ObamaCare is not compassion for the uninsured, but a deep desire to impose a European-style socialism upon the last bastion of capitalism.

Citizens would be required to buy health insurance, and private companies would be required to compete against a taxpayer-subsidized government entity as a first step toward us all into a single-payer system controlled by government bureaucrats.

The worst features of ObamaCare, of course, are the threats to life mandated by its cut to Medicare, its massive subsidies for abortion-on-demand, and the absence of conscience protections for health care providers.

HB 391 declares that "the power to require a person's choice in securing health care services is not found in the Constitution of the United States, and is, therefore, a power reserved to the people pursuant to the 9th Amendment, and to the states under the 10th Amendment." The legislation makes it illegal for any state official to enforce or otherwise participate in a federal health care system that violates this public policy.

You can read the legislation yourself by following this link:

The battle in the Idaho Senate is likely to be more intense. We encourage our readers to contact their state senators to urge their support for this critical legislation.

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