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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Statement on Senator Larry Craig

David Ripley, Executive Director, issued the following statement to Idaho’s Channel 6 this afternoon in reaction to the swirl of controversy and innuendo surrounding U.S. Senator Larry Craig:

First of all, let me say that our prayers go out to Senator Craig and his family as they publicly endure this tragic set of circumstances.

Secondly, I would ask that folks take a breath and give this situation some time before making judgments. My own perspective is greatly colored by the despicable campaign of the Idaho Statesman and their ace pitcher, Dan Popkey. It’s just about the sleaziest "journalism" I’ve ever heard of. It is difficult to overestimate the emotional and psychological impact his year-long “investigation” would have on any of us. And I know of no one who could endure such scrutiny unscathed.

I believe Senator Craig has earned the benefit of any doubt. At a minimum, I hope he is able to fulfill his term because he has largely done right by the people of Idaho.


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It Just Gets Stranger

Sometimes one sees a story in the papers which illuminates the culture’s greasy path into barbarism. The light provides a little perspective from which to measure the rate of our descent.
Such a story came this weekend from neighboring England.

Scientists there are waging an intense battle with governmental authorities to gain permission to begin cloning human-animal hybrids. Just for “research purposes”, you understand. This band of mad idiots wants to breed new life forms from cows and human beings. Supposedly this will allow for new insights into genetic disorders.

We can and should understand that this particular breeding program is only a beginning. Once the door is opened, there will be regular requests for other human/animal hybrids. There is also no reason to believe that the purposes of such “research” will be limited to the treatment of human disease and ailments. Once polite society can be conditioned to accept the “possibilities” of playing God – only disaster will be effective at curbing the practice.

One might think such developments are far from the abortion debate. But we understand that these kinds of projects are poisoned fruit from the decision to allow the wholesale destruction of human beings for the mere convenience of other human beings. Mankind is well on its way back to seeing the individual as nothing more than a potential means to some end defined by the more powerful.

For More Information: see the Guardian story on August 26, 2007.

Monday, August 27, 2007

The Small Patch on Which Pro-Abort Politicians Stand

The Elliot Institute, one of the nation’s leading centers for research on the impact of “easy abortion”, just released a fascinating article on the politics of abortion rights.

They raise serious questions about the assumptions many in politics and the media make about abortion, especially the idea that “abortion rights” is a major concern of American women. Indeed, the source of their analysis is a public opinion study conducted by the pro-abortion “Center for the Advancement of Women”.

When asked by pollsters paid by the group, women ranked “preserving abortion rights” as a low political priority. 92% of women interviewed were very concerned about domestic violence; 74% named getting more time off work to care for family as a big priority. And 72% listed the plague of drug and alcohol addiction as a big priority for state and federal governments.

By contrast, only 41% mentioned “preserving abortion rights” anywhere on their multi-issue list.
Part of the surprising analysis is related to the fact that most women – particularly those who endured abortions – recognize abortion as a terrible choice. The Elliot Institute itself conducted a national survey in 2002. One of its more important findings came in response to the following question:

“When a woman has an abortion, do you generally think it makes her life better, worse, or has little impact?”

Only 16% of those interviewed believed that a woman’s life was improved by undergoing an abortion. 52% said they thought abortion made women’s lives worse. Even “pro-choice” women admitted that an abortion likely damages a woman’s life.

It has been said that abortion is no favor to women. This research strongly suggests that the American public recognizes this fact.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Update on Kansas: Some Babies Escape Execution

We may never know for sure. But years’ worth of effort and sacrifice by former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline may well have saved dozens, hundreds, of preborn children from slaughter.

America’s most notorious abortionist, George Tiller, has not been performing late-term abortions at his Wichita killing mill for almost a month. Tiller’s propaganda minister, Julie Burkhart, says the closure has nothing to do with the criminal charges Tiller faces for violating state law. Her claim in a LifeNews.Com story (08.21.07) is that Tiller’s operation was attacked by vandals on July 4th.

But in an extraordinary article also published on the LifeNews site, Phill Kline himself argues that it is the criminal charges he instigated which provide the real explanation:

“So why is Tiller closed?” asks Mr. Kline. “He can’t find another [doctor like] Neuhaus [to serve as a rubber stamp for his abortion certifications].”

Under Kansas Law, no abortions can be performed on late-term babies unless the mother’s life is threatened, or she is likely to suffer a serious, permanent health injury. Tiller has demonstrated no compunction about misusing his medical license to define nearly any emotional condition or life situation as grounds for killing babies brought to him from every state in the Union.

For example, Kline cites one case he reviewed in which a fully-formed baby was killed by Tiller and his mother because she would no longer be able to attend rock concerts. In justifying his actions to the state Department of Health, Tiller wrote that the killing was justified because the woman would suffer “an adjustment disorder” resulting in permanent emotional injury.

But Kansas Law requires that a second doctor concur with these specious judgments. And that is where Tiller has gotten into trouble. It seems he solved that problem by finding a “doctor” who would sign whatever Tiller placed in front of her. She was so reliable, in fact, that Tiller put her on staff as his official “corroborator”.

Tiller has just reopened his clinic, with apparently slower numbers.

We can celebrate the reprieve, however short. Some of those children scheduled for execution, we can reasonably hope, have now been born as a result of the tumult in Tiller’s operation over the past month.

We give thanks to our Lord and to Mr. Kline for his heroic efforts on behalf of the innocent.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

GOP Presidential Race Muddles Along

Mitt Romney, now a leading contender for the GOP presidential nomination on the basis of impressive fundraising efforts, continues to be dogged by his disingenuous and ham-handed politicization of the abortion issue.

After building an impressive record as a “progressive” Republican in Massachusetts, Mr. Romney has decided that being “pro-choice” is no longer politically expedient. He has spent several months explaining his conversion to a skeptical grassroots – sometimes with effect. But in recent weeks, Romney has taken the approach of denying his own past. Now he has gone so far as to suggest that he has always been “pro-Life”, even while helping to finance Planned Parenthood.

This tactic not only raises deeper concern about Romney’s understanding of the abortion issue – but his integrity as well.

Another hopeful – sometimes nearly crowned by the media even before he officially announces – is also having trouble with his apparently cynical treatment of the American Holocaust during a lengthy public career. Fred Thompson, TV star and agile politician, apparently spent most of his years in the Senate maintaining relationships with both sides of the abortion struggle. He has finally acknowledged lobbying for Planned Parenthood. And now ABC News reports finding “position papers” in his Senate archives outlining both a “pro-Life” and “pro-abortion” position.

Meanwhile, a press release from Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas is touting his strong showing in Iowa among grassroots Republicans. He is proud of placing 3rd in a statewide straw poll, even though he was outspent by a margin of 10-to-1.

There is no doubt that the conservative movement is hungry (desperate?) for strong and proven leadership. Perhaps Brownback will be that champion. He joins Congressman Duncan Hunter as one of our few viable options as the race moves toward resolution.

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