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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Green is the New Red

As global celebrities continue to kibitz in Copenhagen about various schemes to “save the planet”, it would be well to pay attention to the underlying connection between the green movement, socialism and the abortion lobby.

China has taken advantage of the summit to justify its forced abortion policies, arguing that its elimination of some 400 million babies is among civilization’s greatest contributions to preserving the planet’s eco-health. By doing so it has exposed the dark anti-life agenda driving many environmental activists. Lest you think that China is some isolated anti-human voice, take note of the fact that the British government has long advocated similar views. And just last week, a Canadian paper published an editorial entitled, “The Real Inconvenient Truth”.

The radical premise of the Financial Post editorial is that “a planetary law, such as China’s one-child policy, is the only way to reverse the disastrous global birthrate….” For that writer, the big question is not whether the planet is warming or cooling – but the simple fact that there are too many humans.

This anti-human agenda is not operating only on the global scale: In our beloved Idaho, we are aware of a very close working relationship between the League of Conservation Voters and Planned Parenthood of Idaho.

Charles Krauthammer – one of America’s most incisive commentators – published a piece in the National Review entitled, “The New Socialism”. He, too, has observed the destructive, even totalitarian, impulses driving the modern environmental movement. His focus is not so much on the abortion lobby connection as it is on the fact that the current green movement has been taken over by old-school socialists who see it as a cynical cover story to achieve their long-sought ends: The destruction of capitalistic freedom and redistribution of wealth on a global scale.

Any reasonable person knows that we have a personal and corporate responsibility to care for creation, to be good stewards of the resources God has provided us. Yet we must be wise about the evil agenda driving today’s green movement, and resist its intentions to rob of us freedom – indeed, to rob us of life itself.
Sadly, it appears that it is already too late to save "Mother Earth". On October 19th, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown declared to the BBC that he and Al Gore had just 50 days to save the earth from global warming. The doomsday clock expired on December 8th with nary a note from the world's press. (Perhaps they decided there was no point in creating public hysteria). We urge our readers to celebrate this Christmas Season with great gusto - as it will, apparently, be our last.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Senate Democrats Keep Abortion Funding

The U.S. Senate took up the Senate version of the Stupak amendment – prohibiting the use of federal tax dollars to pay for abortions – on Tuesday. It was sponsored by Democrat senators Nelson and Casey, along with Utah’s Republican Orin Hatch.

Sadly, the language to protect the conscience rights of American taxpayers was defeated on a 45-54 vote.

38 Republicans, including Idaho’s Mike Crapo and Jim Risch, supported the pro-Life amendment. They were joined by 7 Democrats.

2 Republicans supported the coercion of taxpayers – Collins and Snow, both from Maine – along with 51 Democrats. Senator Lieberman joined them in supporting to expand abortion, despite his Orthodox Jewish faith.

Plenty of punditry has been expended in the days since trying to divine the future of abortion funding as well as the fate of ObamaCare itself. Some are convinced that the last battle over abortion expansion has yet to be waged, since the Senate and House versions of ObamaCare are so widely different. Other observers have begun to speculate that there will be no conference committee at all; rather, Democrat leaders will simply ask the House to support the final Senate version in a final up-or-down vote before New Year’s Eve. This latter strategy would mean pro-Life Democrats in the House would be forced into abandoning the Stupak language, for which so much blood has already been spilt.

But will they do it?

Conscience is among the most important gifts we’ve been given by the Creator – yet, in politics, it is the thing most easily compromised. Already we see signs that Sen. Ben Nelson is wobbling around after losing his amendment; one press story has him saying that he’s not sure whether he will oppose final passage of ObamaCare now that it will certainly include massive abortion funding.

From what we’ve seen so far, it appears that pro-Life Democrats in the House are made of sterner stuff. Yet it is not too early to begin a serious prayer effort on behalf of Rep. Stupak and others who will face tremendous pressure to abandon preborn children for the sake of Obama’s dangerous political ambitions.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Obama Offers Up First Batch of Prenatal Stem Cells

Obama’s National Institute of Health announced on Wednesday that it was offering up 13 new cell lines for research, after harvesting the cells from preborn children killed for that purpose – presumably by the federal government itself. The embryonic stem cells are the first fruits of the president’s decision in January to use federal tax dollars to harvest and research cells collected from aborted children.

Meanwhile, the Washington Times (12,06.09) carries a report that two firms in Massachusetts are making great strides on using stem cells collected using non-cannibalistic methods. Biocell Center has opened the first amniotic-fluid stem cell bank. This center allows for research on stem cells collected from babies’ amniotic sac – which does not involve their destruction.

Advanced Cell Technology is building stem cell research material by collecting a single stem cell from babies in the womb – which also preserves the baby’s life. Their efforts are presently focused on curing blindness.

The advances from these two firms are just a piece of the ground being gained by researchers using non-destructive methods for exploring the wonders of God’s creation, and underscore the fact that killing a preborn child for her stem cells is a willful and unjustifiable choice.

Obama’s stubborn pursuit of killing in the name of “research” and “health care” is becoming more a study in the failings of human nature than a noble pursuit of helping people.

As Cardinal Rigali of Philadelphia so eloquently put it this week, “… we make a distinction between killing and health care.”

Let us pray that it is a distinction the American people can hold onto as we continue to labor under a morally-corrupt national leadership.

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