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Friday, December 15, 2006

Tiller Not Off the Hook Quite Yet

Dr. George Tiller, the infamous late-term abortionist in Kansas, is not quite done with his legal troubles, despite spending a small fortune to defeat Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline in last month's elections.

Tiller's hand-picked candidate for AG, Republican-turned-Democrat Paul Morrison, did win the contest. And Kline's defeat seemed to mean an end to the state's investigation into Tiller's practices of killing babies late in pregnancy. But in another odd turn of events in this once-conservative state, Republican Phill Kline will assume the job of Johnson County District Attorney after leaving his post as Kansas Attorney General at the end of the year.

Unbelievably, the District Attorney's post is being vacated by the man, Paul Morrison, who defeated Kline in the general election. So essentially these men are switching jobs - and that spells trouble for Dr. Tiller.

As District Attorney, Kline will assume front-line authority to continue his investigations into the national killing machinery Tiller has built in Kansas. In fact, district attorneys in most states generally have the primary responsibility for law enforcement and prosecution; so it seems likely that Tiller's immediate legal situation has taken a serious turn for the worse.

Tiller's allies at Planned Parenthood were predictably troubled by the developments as well, given that Kline has been pursuing an investigation into their practice of performing abortions on teenagers without notifying law enforcement officials in cases of suspected abuse:

"It will be a major hassle," said Peter Brownlie, president of the Kansas City area Planned Parenthood. "He [Kline] will continue to pursue some sort of criminal investigation and make things difficult for us." (Source: KMBC-TV/Kansas City/12.12.06)

There is no doubt that powerful spiritual forces are at work around the whole sordid abortion practices too-long tolerated by Kansans.

Yesterday, police were called out to Tiller's abortion factory because security personnel tore down a Nativity scene belonging to Operation Rescue on display across from the abortuary, a display located on public property. One of Tiller's security guards reportedly told police that he confiscated the plastic Madonna, Joseph and Baby Jesus because the display was "offensive" to him.

Police ordered him to return the items to the pro-Lifers responsible for the display.

We'll continue to pay close attention to this developing situation. In the meantime, we urge our readers to pray for Phill Kline. It is obvious that the Lord has placed him in a very trying and pivotal position.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Disturbing Interview on O'Reilly

Bill O'Reilly continues to pursue his investigation of America's most notorious abortionist - George Tiller of Kansas.

On Tuesday night's show, O'Reilly interviewed a young woman named Kelly. You can see the interview by visiting O'Reilly's site.

I urge you to do so - even if you think you understand the abortion debate. Even if you think you know what it is like for a young woman to carry the burden of a killed child through her life.

Kelly describes the decision to travel to Kansas late in her pregnancy, when she was just 14 years old. She details the five day process of chemically burning her baby alive while in the womb - and then "discharging" the poor thing into a toilet.

She says she went on national television to describe her pain, her regrets and anguish - because America needs to understand what is happening on a daily basis to thousands.

We pray for her and others who suffer because they were not told about the horrible consequences of killing your own child.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Fetal Pain Debate Exposes Pro-Life Divisions

In the closing days of a GOP-congress, Speaker Hastert & Co. tried to move an important piece of legislation: the “Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act” (HR6099). It may be the last piece of pro-Life legislation to reach the House floor for some time to come.

In order to get a vote in the closing hours, Hastert had to use special rules requiring a 2/3 vote in order to achieve passage. Unfortunately, the measure received only a strong majority: 250 – to – 162. Idaho’s Mike Simpson supported the measure, while Congressman Butch Otter missed the vote because of his preparations for assuming Idaho’s governorship in January.

The legislation would have required abortionists to tell women considering an abortion at 20 weeks or later that their baby was “likely to suffer severe pain” during the horrific techniques used these days to kill babies in the womb in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Abortionists would then have to offer pain medications for the baby in order to ease their suffering.

The proposal engendered some strange reactions across the abortion spectrum.

Some pro-Lifers on the national scene opposed the bill out of fear that women would somehow be encouraged to kill their babies if they were able to comfort themselves with the knowledge that their baby didn’t suffer. To be honest – I believe this is strange thinking, maybe even troubling. It rings of a kind of twisted Puritanism, in which the guilt of the woman is paramount, rather than a simple compassion for the suffering innocent.

Furthermore – if maximum suffering by baby and mother were effective strategies for ending abortion – then we should have long ago been done with this barbarism.

Looked at from yet another perspective: Demanding that babies continue suffering the full brunt of our social practices suggests that some pro-Lifers are guilty of treating preborn children as mere means to some political goal – rather than ends in themselves. And is this not the very evil we seek to defeat?

A number of pro-abortions groups also played unusual roles in the debate. Planned Parenthood and NARAL refused to enter the fray, claiming they support giving women complete information about abortion and its consequences. We know from bitter and long experience that this is just propaganda – but I’ll concede it was a clever PR move by these groups given the long odds against passage.

If any good comes from this legislative action, it may be in educating people about the horrendous practices used to kill children in the womb – many of them more cruel than even the Partial Birth Abortion method so roundly denounced by a huge majority of Americans.

- David Ripley

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Simpson Voted Aye

Idaho's Mike Simpson was one of 250 congressmen to support HR 6099 - the "Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act of 2006". 162 members voted no.

While a strong majority - the measure unfortunately fell short of the 2/3 vote required for passage under the emergency rules used by GOP leadership.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Debate on Fetal Pain Bill Spotlights Abortion Horror

The U.S. House is scheduled to take up the “Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act” tomorrow morning on the floor.  Under the special rules being used to move the legislation forward in the lame duck Congress, a two-thirds vote will be necessary to pass the bill.  It is sponsored in the House by Rep. Chris Smith.

The bill would require abortionists to tell women undergoing abortion after 20 weeks’ gestation that the procedure is likely to produce severe pain for the baby.

That is something of an understatement.  At this late point in a pregnancy, babies are reaching viability – that is, they are capable of surviving outside the womb.  And the killing techniques used by abortionists after the fifth month are unbelievably barbaric:

There is the Partial Birth Abortion method – in which a baby’s brains are sucked out of her head.  Or there is technique in which a baby is literally pulled-apart, limb by tiny limb, until all his parts are reassembled on the operating table.

Some abortionists prefer to kill the baby by basting him in saline solution – producing slow chemical burning; then they pull the dead infant from the womb.

Still others – like Kansas’ George Tiller – like the approach of injecting the baby’s heart with a poisonous drug in order to kill her.  Then he can cleanly induce labor, pulling the baby from the womb.  (Tiller has even added the sensitive service of burning the remains in his on-site crematorium).

I hate reviewing these matters for you – but it is sometimes necessary to get at the sordid truth of abortion in this nation.

It seems unlikely that the Congress will find the will to enact this legislation – but the GOP leadership of the Congress should be commended for scheduling the bill for floor action.  The debate certainly will focus a spotlight on the horrors occurring every day in most cities across this nation.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Joel Brind Takes Faulty ABC Researchers to Task

Remember that story about the supposed research proving a linkage between abortion and decreased crime rates? Well, truth to tell, it is not the only fabricated abortion research making the rounds.

One of the greatest and most tragic scams can be found in the area of abortion and breast cancer. Many supposedly respectable researchers and institutions have spent years working hard to reassure American women that the rising rates of breast cancer are a great mystery, and have nothing to do with legalized abortion.

But the indomitable Dr. Joel Brind, president of the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute and professor of epidemiology at City University of New York, has just published a paper which tears to shreds ten recent “studies” purporting to show that breast cancer is related to just about anything other than abortion.

Brind digs into the methodology and small print of the research findings to ferret out the biases and manipulations used to support their politicized conclusions. For example, one big-name study only included 138 women. Another misclassified 90% of the women in its study, claiming they had no abortion history – when in fact they had. Even the authors admitted that their data on abortion history was “substantially incomplete”.

Come again? Medical researchers publish a study denying the link between abortion and breast cancer – and yet fail to accurately record the abortion history of the women they’re “studying”? And that was at Oxford University. Unbelievable.

What such intentional malpractice demonstrates is the strength of need to prove abortion “safe” for women. That is a political and moral agenda which supersedes the moral duty to tell the truth.

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