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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Miracle in Massachusetts

The election of Scott Brown yesterday to the U.S. Senate is nothing short of a miracle. History buffs tells us that it has been some 60 years since a Republican was elected to the Senate from that bastion of liberalism. But that is the least of the historic indicators.

Start with the fact that this was “Ted Kennedy’s Seat”. Add the overriding dynamic of federalized health care, purported to be Kennedy’s dying request of the Democrat establishment, and you have a pretty large barrel of political gun powder. The people of Massachusetts took the dare and lit the fuse, providing real hope that ObamaCare is so much scattered debris laying about the White House.

As of this writing, the White House has not issued a public reaction to the explosion. No doubt the spin masters are earning their checks. Yet one can safely predict that any form of denial or minimizing of what happened will only further diminish Obama. He ought not try a replay of his phony answer for the huge Republican wins in New Jersey and Virginia. Hopefully, he will take the public rebuke like a man and hold himself accountable to this blatant expression of public disgust with his plans to nationalize health – particularly his immoral drive to expand abortion through public subsidy.

But there is such an irrational obsession with “passing health care reform” that one can’t predict the official Democrat reaction to Brown’s victory.

As we await their response, we can do so with renewed hope for our country. It seems that the Lord has once again extended His mercy to America.

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