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Friday, March 30, 2007

Gov. Otter Signs Ultrasound Bill into Law

Parental Consent was not the only pro-Life victory this week. Governor Otter also signed HB248 into law, which requires abortionists to specifically offer women undergoing abortions a chance to see an ultrasound image of their baby prior to ending his or her life.

During committee debate on the legislation, Planned Parenthood and other so-called “women’s advocates” tried to label the idea “cruel” and “insulting to women”. The paternalism of the Abortion Lobby has never been more prominently displayed: Better for women not to know exactly what they are doing.

But the truth is, women often come to know exactly what they are doing – after it is too late. This helps explain the phenomenon of repeat abortions. Many women who get pregnant a second time after aborting their first child are confronted with the moral certainties they may have evaded the first time. What about this life makes it a “baby” when the other life I carried was just a blob of tissue? Reality can be a demon.

Idaho is not alone in expanding the parameters of “informed consent”.

Mississippi has a new law much like Idaho’s. And the South Carolina legislature is right in the middle of considering a bill that would go a step beyond the Idaho law. It would actually require that a woman look at an ultrasound picture of her baby before an abortion could be legally performed. This legislation has received quite a lot of national attention.

Some have wondered whether a solid requirement will survive certain legal challenges. But South Carolina’s Attorney General, Henry McMaster told the media that he believes the proposed law is both constitutional and good public policy. In fact, he seems quite anxious for the certain fight. We will monitor developments there for you.

While Idaho’s ultrasound law is fairly simple and straightforward, it could well have a dramatic effect on abortion rates in this state.

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Liberals Wage Campaign Against Speaker Denney

For those outside the Boise media market – this discussion may be a bit puzzling. But please pay attention: The games at play in the capitol city hold great consequence for you and your family.

Yesterday, the Idaho Statesman published a guest opinion by former governor Phil Batt. In it, he recounted the glory days when speakers of the Idaho House were “paragons of fairness”, and chastised the current Speaker of the House, Lawerence Denney, for his heavy hand in punishing those who did not support his bid to hold the speaker’s chair.

This is not the first shot at Denney. The Statesman and their liberal minions in the legislature have been waging a campaign of whine for sometime now – accusing Denney of being hard on those endangered RINOs still left in the House. Outgoing Rep. Bob Ring, for instance, was featured in a lengthy article in which he described his days of darkness under that brute, Lawerence Denney. Some of Ring’s whackiest ideas were not even being considered by the Legislature, and that must be Lawerence’s fault.

Ring even claimed that he was denied a chairmanship on a panel where there is already a sitting GOP chairman with greater seniority. In Ring’s twisted and self-centered view, Denney ought to have stripped Chairman Block of her committee and given it to him – at least if Denney was “fair”.

Both Ring and Batt are full of dribble and guilty of avoiding the underlying facts in order to better deceive Idahoans into thinking that some right-wing fascist has suddenly seized control of the Legislature.

Both gentlemen are unabashed social liberals. Both are supported by the ACLU for their liberalism on issues like abortion and gay rights. So let’s establish one fundamental consideration: They both dislike Denney because he is an unapologetic conservative. But rather than have the guts to come clean and accept the consequences of their unpopular views, they hide behind rhetoric designed to mislead people into thinking that the democratic process has somehow been repealed by Speaker Denney. Instead of humbly accepting the simple fact they are grossly outgunned by conservatives in the Idaho Legislature, they would rather blame and malign the Speaker for their failings.

But these guys and their co-conspirators at the Statesman editorial board also deceive on another level.

We have just survived the tenure of one of the most heavy-handed speakers in Idaho history. Bruce Newcomb was famous for his temper tantrums and threats against lobbyists, members of the public and other legislators. I witnessed many of these outrages first-hand, and suffered a few personally. The contrast between the Denney and Newcomb temperaments could hardly be greater.

But, of course, the central difference is the ideological complexion of the two speakers. Batt and the Statesman were undisturbed when former legislator David Callister endured years of abuse at Newcomb’s hands – because Callister was a conservative. And no outrage was expressed when Newcomb abused his authority by stripping Bill Sali of his chairmanship because Sali would not kow-tow to Newcomb’s liberal agenda. I don’t remember any Batt speeches from on high when Newcomb punished Rep. Tom Loertscher for years because he had the audacity to challenge Newcomb.

The most ironic and unfair part of this whole fabrication is that Denney has taken quite a lot of heat from conservatives – both in and out of the Legislature – for his refusal to punish those who failed to support him for speaker. He retained Bill Deal as chair of the House State Affairs committee, despite the fact that Deal ran against him. He kept Max Black on as chair of the Business committee, even though Black was a chief lieutenant for Bill Deal. The list goes on.

I’ve probably said too much already, but it is just too hard to sit back and watch a fine man like Lawerence Denney repeatedly and unfairly maligned.

More importantly, voters around Idaho must tune into the fact that there is a carefully orchestrated media and political campaign underway to revive RINO numbers in the Idaho Legislature. These stories and moans from the likes of Phil Batt and Bob Ring are an attempt to lay the foundation for a moderate resurgence in next year’s legislative primaries. Like many notorious liberals – Hillary Clinton comes to mind -- these gentlemen and their allies in the media do not want to talk about issues and results, but “process”. It is a strategic misdirection that works all too often.

-- David Ripley

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Idaho Has New Parental Consent Law

Yesterday, Governor Butch Otter signed SB1082 into law. This legislation restores to Idaho families the rights and protections of Parental Consent before a teenage girl can get an abortion.

We are grateful for the Governor’s signature on this bill – which took effect immediately.

Our best estimate is that this law will go unchallenged in the federal courts. During testimony in the Legislature, the Abortion Lobby was unable to identify a single potential legal issue – even from Judge Lynn Winmill’s perspective of what the U.S. Constitution says. And, in fact, they run a substantial risk if they file suit and are found to have abused the courts by raising questions already settled.

Idaho’s new law is modeled on one adopted by the State of Arizona. The good people of that country share the burdens of living in the 9th Circuit – and have had nearly the trouble we have in finding the magical prescription required by that band of hardy liberals. But they have done it, and we will build upon their success in providing basic protections for Idaho daughters.

This year’s success is the fruit of much effort by many fine people. The history goes back to 1997, when Idaho Family Forum began shopping a Parental Consent bill to the Legislature. That next year, we worked with heroes like Dennis Mansfield and Nancy Bloomer to secure passage of a law – only to see it vetoed by Gov. Phil Batt.

With the election of a new governor in 1998, Bill Sali spent many years in the legislature and in federal court helping us craft and defend legislation which would not only pass the scrutiny of a liberal judiciary – but one which would be effective at protecting girls, their babies and the principle of parental authority over our families. Today’s success is built upon the great sacrifices and leadership Rep. Sali laid down over six sessions of the Idaho Legislature.

We wish to thank Rep. Tom Loertscher (R-Iona) and Sen. Russ Fulcher (R-Meridian) who picked-up Sali’s mantle to get the job done this year. Their leadership and skills made this a relatively painless lobbying effort, and it was a privilege to work with them.

And, finally, we thank you – our friends and supporters. Without your prayers, phone calls and financial support, we would not be in this position. It has taken great faith and perseverance to continue the fight for parental consent, and we are grateful for your patient sustenance of this ministry.

This new law is far from perfect. But it is a firm platform from which to build.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Texas Lawmaker Proposes Paying Women to Give Birth

It has struck some as a somewhat coarse and impolitic proposal: Republican State Senator Dan Patrick has introduced legislation in Texas that would pay women considering abortion a $500 stipend to give birth instead.

In a news conference last week, Sen. Patrick said he believed the money might help persuade a woman to give birth and then put the baby up for adoption. His proposal would offer any woman going to an abortion clinic the $500 option, to be paid no more than 30 days after the baby is born and given up for adoption.

Planned Parenthood immediately decried the proposal as “very cynical and insulting to women.” Heather Paffe, Political Director of Planned Parenthood, went on to assert, “It is insulting to think women would make that kind of decision so easily.”

Well, Ms. Paffe may want to assume a posture of offense – but the truth is that some women are fairly casual about abortion. They have been trained to so think because of decades’ worth of propaganda from Planned Parenthood and NARAL. We are constantly told by these merchants of deception that a baby is not a baby – but a collection of “fetal tissue” or the “byproduct of conception.”

Beyond those issues, some may think Sen. Patrick’s proposal strange. But several western European nations have begun offering just such incentives to encourage the live births of the next generation. France and Russia may be leading the world in creating an economic package to help create enticements for women to give their children life; demographic data suggests that the very survival of these nations may depend upon how effective those economic incentives are.

Sen. Patrick confesses that he doesn’t have any idea how much his proposal would cost. But, he argues, the point is not the cost – but the saving of a human life: “We have approximately 75,000 babies aborted in Texas every year,” Patrick told the media. “Here’s an alarming statistic: In most of our counties, we have more abortions than the biggest district in that county has high school graduates.”

Alarming indeed.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Developments In Kansas

Operation Rescue operatives in Kansas report that George Tiller continues to operate in apparent violation of Kansas Law. Sidewalk counselors report that they spoke with a woman seeking an abortion at Tiller’s abortuary. She was 8 months pregnant, and confirmed to them that she and her baby were healthy.

The woman said she waited so late in her pregnancy because she had to raise the money for the abortion.

Operation Rescue spokesman Cheryl Sullenger said in a press release that an abortion on a baby in such circumstances was clearly illegal: “It is entirely illegal in the State of Kansas for a healthy woman to obtain an abortion in her eighth month of a healthy pregnancy for convenience reasons. Women simply don’t have a right to do that.”

In a related development, Kansas House Speaker Melvin Neufeld and other top leaders in the Legislature have written a letter to the new Kansas Attorney General, asking that the criminal charges against Tiller be reinstated. The letter was made public last Friday.

In discussing the letter with reporters, the Kansas Speaker expressed hope that the letter would be sufficient to encourage Democrat Paul Morrison to do his job. The House does have the option of moving a resolution through that body – which would force the AG to act. But the Speaker called that a “last ditch effort”.

The act by Kansas legislators is to be applauded. Over the years, Dr. Tiller has purchased immense political cover through millions in donations to various politicians – including the Democrat Governor, Kathleen Sebelius – and the present Attorney General, Mr. Morrison.
We pray for justice to move like a river through this state.

Big Developments Around Tiller

Operation Rescue operatives in Kansas report that George Tiller continues to operate in apparent violation of Kansas Law. Sidewalk counselors report that they spoke with a woman seeking an abortion at Tiller’s abortuary. She was 8 months pregnant, and confirmed to them that she and her baby were both healthy.

The woman said she waited so late in her pregnancy because she had to raise the money for the abortion.

Operation Rescue spokesman Cheryl Sullenger said in a press release that an abortion on a baby in such circumstances was clearly illegal: “It is entirely illegal in the State of Kansas for a healthy woman to obtain an abortion in her eighth month of a healthy pregnancy for convenience reasons. Women simply don’t have a right to do that.”

In a related development, Kansas House Speaker Melvin Neufeld and other top leaders in the Legislature have written a letter to the new Kansas Attorney General, asking that the criminal charges against Tiller be reinstated. The letter was made public last Friday.

In discussing the letter with reporters, the Kansas Speaker expressed hope that the letter would be sufficient to encourage Democrat Paul Morrison to do his job. The House does have the option of moving a resolution through that body – which would force the AG to act. But the Speaker called that a “last ditch effort”.

The act by Kansas legislators is to be applauded. Over the years, Dr. Tiller has purchased immense political cover through millions in donations to various politicians – including the Democrat Governor, Kathleen Sebelius – and the present Attorney General, Mr. Morrison.
We pray for justice to move like a river through this state.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Statesman Story Mischaracterizes Judge Winmill

The Idaho Statesman ran a front-page story yesterday on a big case now before Idaho’s federal judge, Lynn Winmill. It involves the tragic abuse of parental authority by Boise City police, St. Luke’s and officials at the Idaho Department of Health & Welfare.

In 2002, the Mueller family brought their sick newborn baby girl to the emergency room because she was running a fever. Doctors recommended a spinal tap on the infant to check for meningitis. The Muellers declined the recommendation – knowing that odds were less than 5% that the baby was suffering from that disease. They were concerned about the potential side-effects of the procedure and told doctors they wanted other options.

But we live in an era of growing medical arrogance. Too many in the medical profession have confused their role because of a lack of spiritual humility.

In any event – in this case, doctors called in Health & Welfare officials who seized the infant from the parents. They performed the spinal tap and found nothing. But days passed before the little baby was returned to her parents.

The Muellers filed suit in federal court.

In relating the story, the Idaho Statesman characterizes Judge Winmill as a champion for parental rights. More particularly, the paper says that Winmill “determined the U.S. Constitution protects the rights of parents to make almost all medical decisions for their children.”

On the basis of what we know about this horrible case – Judge Winmill has pronounced a just result. He is probably due a great deal of credit for striking a counterblow on behalf of parents.

But the story is loaded with irony. This is the same federal judge who overstepped his authority to ensure that Idaho’s Parental Consent was blocked from being enforced for the past three years.

According to this same federal judge – it is “unconstitutional” for parents to be told after an emergency abortion that their daughter is suffering from a physical condition so serious that an abortionist had to immediately kill their grandchild. Who cares whether the girl needs follow-up medical care? She’s just collateral damage in the war to protect the abortion option.

Winmill has also ruled that it is “unconstitutional” for state judges to report suspected cases of sexual abuse when dealing with girls in a judicial bypass setting. Such a report, Winmill says, “might have a chilling effect” on a girl’s “right” to commit abortion. Apparently Winmill’s version of the Constitution requires us to turn our backs on girls suffering from physical and sexual abuse at home – at least if defending that girl would somehow threaten the “sacred right” of abortion.

Of course, it is impossible to know what is in Judge Winmill’s heart as he wrestles with these various questions involving an ever-encroaching government and medical bureaucracy. Still, we wonder aloud about his apparent inability to construct a coherent view of the U.S. Constitution and the natural parental rights which precede it.

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Abortion Lobby Begins to Make Good Its Threat

The Abortion Lobby is beginning to make good on its promise to “make our priorities the law of the land”. That grandiose vision was articulated by Ellen Malcolm, head of the pro-abort Emily’s List. Her comments came at a rally for their endorsed candidate for president, Hillary Clinton, earlier this month.

“In 2008, we are going to finish the job… and welcome President Hillary Clinton,” Malcolm added. “It is time to elect a president who will protect a woman’s rights, particularly their reproductive rights.”

They have begun to collect on that vision. Last week Democrat congressional leaders were caught putting special language to protect Planned Parenthood’s sweetheart RU-486 contract into the Iraq War funding bill. The deal is worth millions to Planned Parenthood.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi joined Clinton at the event. Pelosi celebrated with the abortion activists their victories in November: “We have two houses back, the House and Senate – only one to go.”

While it will be painful to watch the Abortion Lobby push its agenda through every imaginable legislative trick over the next two years – there is every reason to hope that America will be repulsed by their depravity.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Henry Hyde Endorses Hunter for President

He has been called the Lion of the Pro-Life Movement. Until his retirement from Congress, Henry Hyde was the undoubted leader of congressional efforts to defend America’s preborn citizens from the scourge of abortion.

Even now his shadow and legacy looms large, his name synonymous with efforts to turn back the hounds of death loosed by the Supreme Court in 1973.

This week, the Honorable Henry Hyde announced his decision to throw his considerable weight behind Congressman Duncan Hunter’s bid for the presidency:

There is a national cry for a true conservative candidate. I submit this cry has been answered by Duncan Hunter. He brings a wealth of experience, great foreign and domestic knowledge, and an energetic spirit to this race for the White House.”

That is undoubtedly a heady endorsement, and may indicate the beginning of national move toward a conservative candidate with unquestionable pro-Life credentials. Hunter has a stellar pro-Life record in Congress, and has introduced legislation in every session he’s served to overturn the Supreme Court’s devastating Roe v. Wade decision.
And on the subject of Henry Hyde, allow us to share one of his more penetrating observations:
"Ido not see the sanctity of life ethic being respected. I see us
paying a fearful price, because there are about a million-and-a-half
abortions every year. That's a terrible loss of human life and
something this society should not tolerate. You measure a society's
ascent from barbarism by how it treats the weak and the defenseless and the
unwanted, and we have a lot to answer for in that regard."

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Senate Committee Passes Ultrasound Bill

HB248, legislation designed to ensure a woman considering abortion has the opportunity to see her baby on an ultrasound screen prior to the abortion, has been moved forward by the Senate State Affairs Committee on a 6-3 vote.

Voting for the bill: President Pro Tempore Bob Geddes, Majority Leader Bart Davis, and Republican senators Mike Jorgenson, Denton Darrington, Brad Little and Curt McKenzie.

Voting against the bill: Republican Senator Joe Stegner and Democrat senators Edgar Malepeai and Clint Stennett.

The Idaho Women’s Network, Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union opposed the legislation. During testimony, Planned Parenthood lobbyist Burke Hays argued that the legislation was “cruel” – a refrain coming from all those testifying against. He contended that offering to show a woman an ultrasound image of her baby could inflict harm on a woman’s emotional health.

That spin was most effectively answered by Brenda Salsar, who works for CareNet of the Palouse, based in Moscow. She said that “it is time to quit patronizing women”.

Indeed, the whole Abortion Lobby reeks of paternalism-on-steroids. Planned Parenthood and friends know what is best for women, the poor little things they “serve”. They certainly know better than parents what children and families need – just ask them.

The bill now sits on the Senate floor – the final step in the legislative process. Your prayers and phone calls are appreciated.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Parental Consent Law Nearly Out of Legislature

Efforts to restore a Parental Consent Law in Idaho are nearing fruition. The House Health & Welfare Committee voted 11-1 to send SB1082 to the full House, where it sits on the 3rd Reading Calendar.

All Republicans on the panel voted for the measure. They were joined by Democrats Margaret Henbest of Boise and John Rusche of Lewiston. Only Rep. Sue Chew of Boise voted against the bill.

We are expecting the House of Representatives to consider the measure on Wednesday or Thursday. Your prayers are needed.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Hannity's Embrace of Giuliani is Disappointing

Conservative radio and TV personality Sean Hannity spent much of his radio show late last week explaining how he could see himself supporting Rudy Giuliani for President. Mr. Hannity explained that he liked Rudy, and admired him for the way he handled things in New York City following 9-11.

Hannity acknowledged that he didn’t agree with Rudy on things like abortion, gay marriage, homosexual rights, taxes and gun control. Well, we should hope not. But the truly amazing part of Hannity’s national monologue was his rationalization(s) for abandoning his own value system in order to find a comfort level with his friend Rudy.

We won’t go into all of it here. The central anxiety was how easily Hannity dismissed Giuliani’s commitment to abortion rights.

While claiming to be “passionately pro-Life”, Hannity argued that the only thing a president can do in office is make “good” appointments to the Supreme Court. Then he said the amazing: “Let’s face it folks, the abortion debate in this country is over – until the hearts and minds of Americans are changed.”

With all due respect, that is a jaded perspective on our current cultural situation, and it is a simplistic view of the presidency.

Certainly appointments to the high court are essential to the pro-Life movement’s hope of seeing justice restored for our preborn children. But so are the appointments to all levels of the judiciary. Mr. Hannity claims that he has been assured by Rudy that he would appoint folks like Scalia and Thomas to the high court. But the obvious question is why? Why would Giuliani use one of his most important constitutional powers to appoint justices with whom he disagrees on nearly every single domestic issue? This simply makes not a shred of sense; it also contradicts the historical record of every president since the beginning of the Republic. In blindly swallowing such rubbish from his friend, Hannity is failing to force Giuliani into presenting American voters with a coherent and honest agenda.

But a president’s ability to help create and defend a pro-Life culture goes well beyond the judiciary. Legislation presented to Congress can help rebuild the wall – as Bush did in developing health insurance benefits for preborn children.

And defending the nation from the Abortion Lobby through the veto stamp is also an important weapon. We have seen President Bush wield it effectively in battling efforts to turn preborn children into a natural resource.

But probably the single most important thing President Bush has done during his time in office is to address the nation on the pro-Life issue, his televised speech right before the awful events of 9-11.

Leadership necessarily involves teaching and moral persuasion. It is highly likely that President Bush helped save many lives that night – because he used his moral authority to challenge troubled parents into realizing that abortion was not an acceptable “choice”. Abortion obviously involves the destruction of an innocent human life.

We can be certain that no such moment will come with a President Giuliani.

It is a real shame that Mr. Hannity is so comfortable bailing out on his own convictions in order to support virtually anyone wearing the “GOP” jersey, especially this early in the process. It is not like there are no legitimate conservative alternatives. Unfortunately, the pro-Life cause seems to be just another shopping list "issue” for Sean.

He fails to appreciate the fact that abortion is the central battleground for America’s future.

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Friday, March 09, 2007

House Passes Ultrasound Bill

The Idaho House passed HB248 on a vote of 54 to 15 this week. It would require abortionists who use ultrasound equipment as part of their practice to offer women considering an abortion the chance to see their baby before they commit the act.

The legislation is simple in language and concept – but potentially dramatic in its effect.

Much of the abortion debate is a walk through Alice’s fantasy land. Things that are, are suddenly gone. Things we used to know – well, we’re not allowed to know once inside the story. Women who like the idea are carrying a baby in their womb; those who are upset or inconvenienced can choose to believe it is a mere tumor only needing excision. And we are required to stand by and support her choice of realities.

But a live picture of a growing, moving, tiny human being is difficult to argue with. As they say, it could be worth a thousand words – especially if those words are merely rationalizations and outright lies. Limited experience in other states indicates that seeing an ultrasound image of her baby convinces many women to walk out of the abortionist’s office.

A number of Democrats supported the legislation – including Margaret Henbest, Branden Durst and James Ruchti of Pocatello.

We are also surprised that just one Republican voted against the bill – Tom Trail of Moscow.

Perhaps the most surprising vote was cast by freshman Democrat Jerry Shively of Idaho Falls. He joined with a majority of Democrats in supporting Planned Parenthood in their opposition to the bill.

The bill is now in the Senate State Affairs Committee awaiting hearing early next week.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Pressure Builds on Kansas Politicians

Late term abortionist George Tiller helped kill 19-year old Christin Gilbert in 2005 by performing a botched late-term abortion at his Wichita, KS death mill. That death has helped focus new scrutiny on a lucrative practice which attracts women and girls from across the country to this once-conservative state.

Complaints were filed at the time of Ms. Gilbert’s death with the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts. Those complaints were set aside by a board controlled by Democrat Governor Kathleen Sebelius – a pro-abortion politician who has received millions in campaign dollars from America’s most notorious abortionist.

Former Attorney General Phill Kline filed another complaint with the medical board last October. In that complaint, Mr. Kline charged that Tiller regularly performs late-term abortions in violation of state law. The KSBHA contends that that complaint is still under investigation.

On Tuesday, Operation Rescue filed additional documents with the board, in an attempt to bolster Kline’s original filing – and to build public pressure on the board to do its duty under the law.

Operation Rescue spokeswoman Cheryl Sullenger pleaded with the medical board: “Tiller and his abortion business create a clear and present danger to viable preborn babies and their mothers. Swift action must be taken to stop further loss of innocent life.”

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Monday, March 05, 2007

Cancer Society Subsidizes Planned Parenthood

In a further display of the disturbing relationships between the cancer fundraising industry and the Abortion Lobby, STOPP International reports that Planned Parenthood of Iowa has received a grant of $3,000 from the American Cancer Society. According to records uncovered by this American Life League organization, the grant is to be used to “train staff to provide smoking-cessation assistance to patients”.

That may strike you as a worthy endeavor. However, consider that this funding is used to help support the on-going administrative costs of running America’s largest abortion enterprise. What is the obvious connection between killing babies and helping folks end their smoking behavior? Surely there are more appropriate organizations to partner with.

Consider also that this kind of grant allows Planned Parenthood to expand its influence and credibility as a legitimate health care provider. Beyond the hard cash – that is the obvious reason Planned Parenthood would go after such a grant.

This is at least the second instance of a “cancer-fighting” outfit using its money and credibility to assist Planned Parenthood. Affiliates of the Komen Foundation have provided crucial funding to PP clinics around the country, ostensibly for breast cancer screening programs.

The cross-pollination between the cancer and abortion industries provides important clues about why so much political and cultural opposition has developed to scientific work around the connection between abortion and breast cancer. We are seeing a similar phenomenon around present attempts to shut down skeptical and intelligent discussion of Al Gore’s “Great Global Warming Decree”.

One can only conclude that a common political agenda continues to undermine the welfare of American women.

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Friday, March 02, 2007

Risch Honored at ICL Event

Lt. Governor James Risch was given the 2007 “Friend for Life Award” at the annual ICL Legislative Reception on Thursday evening.

In presenting the Award, ICL Executive Director David Ripley acknowledged the many years of public leadership Risch has offered to the State of Idaho.

“During his many years in the Idaho State Senate, there was not a single pro-Life bill considered by that body which was not shepherded and defended by Jim Risch. The last I remember was the Idaho Ban on Partial Birth Abortion in 1998,” Ripley said.

“But his leadership and contributions certainly did not end there. During his short time as Governor of Idaho last year, he made it a high priority to fix the distribution problem at the Department of Health & Welfare. For many years, we struggled to get the DHW to provide Informed Consent brochures to every woman and girl undergoing abortion – as the law required. Governor Risch made it his business to ensure that materials got into the hands of women considering abortion. Those materials are not perfect – but they do contain important information about the baby’s development, and agencies willing and able to help women find an alternative to abortion.

“In addition, Governor Risch issued what we believe to be the first pro-Life Proclamation in Idaho history, when he proclaimed “Life Chain Sunday” in Idaho. That proclamation is a wide-ranging declaration of pro-Life principle,” Ripley concluded in presenting the award to Jim and Vickie Risch.

In accepting the award, Governor Risch said he was humbled by the honor simply for doing his job on behalf of Idaho’s families.

“It has been my privilege to help from time to time in the long battle to restore Idaho’s preborn citizens to full recognition and protection under the law,” Risch said.

Risch joins the likes of pro-Life heroes like Helen Chenoweth, Bill Sali, Tom Loertscher, Gerry Sweet and Halli Stone – previous recipients of the organization’s highest award.

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