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Friday, September 26, 2008

Former Abortionist Confronts Capitol Hill

CNS News.Com is carrying a powerful story about Dr. Anthony Levatino, an Ob-GYN who once performed abortions. Today he is working with Father Frank Pavone (Priests for Life) in trying to persuade Congress to abandon its support for legal abortion.

He bases his case on hard personal experience:

After years of trying to get pregnant, he and his wife finally did -- about a month after they had chosen to adopt. He calls himself blessed by the fact that they now had two children, just ten months apart. One day the little boy ran across the street, and his sister ran to stop him. She was killed by a passing car.

“If you haven’t gone through that kind of tragedy, you don’t have a clue. You may think can imagine it, but trust me: You have no idea what it’s like to lose a child, in any way.”

“What do you do after a tragedy? You mourn for awhile and you try to get back into your routine. I don’t know how long after her death I had to do my first D&E abortion. I remember reaching in and literally ripping out an arm or a leg and looking at it in the clamp and I got sick…. I soldiered on and finished that abortion”.

But, according to the article, “something had changed”.

Dr. Levatino goes on to tell his story:

“For the first time in my life I really looked at that pile of goo at the side of the table, and all of a sudden I didn’t see her wonderful right to choose, and I didn’t see the $600 wad of cash I made in 15 minutes. And I couldn’t think about what a great doctor I was because I took care of her problem.“All I could see was somebody’s son or daughter.”

We pray that his powerful and simple presentation of truth might melt the hearts of those men and women charged with protecting the lives of all Americans – born and preborn.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Ugly Treatment of Sarah Palin

The left’s reaction to Sarah Palin should remind our friends of another dark moment in recent history: the “electronic lynching” of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Because Palin and Thomas both represent fundamental challenges to liberal orthodoxy – one can only imagine that the attacks on Palin will become ever more frantic, ever more vicious, and ever more hypocritical.

Within moments of her announcement, the Obama campaign launched a classic sexist attack on Palin’s “lack of qualifications” for Vice-President. In doing so, they reminded voters of their treatment of Hillary Clinton during the primary campaign; they also scratched the scab of Obama’s infamous remarks about “angry small town America” while being feted by the elites of San Francisco.

To his credit, Sen. Obama moved quickly to squelch such dismissive treatment of a sitting governor. A couple days later, Obama made it clear that he would not stand for attacks on Palin’s children as part of his campaign. (It may be one of his finest moments). Unfortunately, his fellow-travelers will not be leashed.

Palin represents a substantial and direct threat to modern feminism. She is an intelligent, powerful woman who has thought her way free of liberal orthodoxy. She is a woman, of course, but a woman who has rejected the destructive principles of feminism. For that she cannot be forgiven. For that she must be destroyed.

Just as racist rhetoric and tactics have been used by the Left in their efforts to destroy conservative blacks like Justice Thomas and Secretary Rice – so sexism will be used by feminists to keep a powerful woman like Sarah Palin from becoming an American icon of a different value system.

If there is a silver lining to all this, it may be that Americans will get a hard lesson in the hypocrisy and deceits of the Left.

We urge our readers to be in serious prayer for Mrs. Palin and her family. They are certain to be tested in ways that will hard to believe.

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