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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

ICL Endorsement Process Underway

The Board of Idaho Chooses Life has been busy researching candidate records and collecting questionnaires from candidates across the state. Based upon legislative records, a number of good people have already won endorsement, and a second round of endorsement decisions is scheduled for this weekend.

With the Primary Election coming fast (May 27th), we will need to be in a position to advise pro-Life voters across Idaho on who they can trust to defend our families and our future.

Board policies have developed over the years in response to this heavy responsibility.

We rely heavily upon proven public records, primarily voting history, when dealing with incumbent legislators. Bill sponsorship, public statements and personal history are also given serious consideration.

For candidates running without the benefit of a legislative voting record, we turn to an extensive survey on key pro-Life questions – sixteen in all. The survey leaves plenty of opportunity for candidates to express their heart when it comes to protecting the sanctity of human life.

We continue to be driven by the firm conviction that no person is qualified to hold public power over the community who does not have a deep regard for the value of each human being.

We ask for your prayers and support as we move forward through this difficult and sometimes controversial process. And may the Lord carry us to victories next month that allow us to move forward with rebuilding a Culture of Life in Idaho.

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