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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Supreme Court Contest Vital to Pro-Life Movement

Idaho has a contested race for the Supreme Court this month – but the lack of attention this very important race has received is more than surprising: It is actually part of the plan.

Many in Idaho’s “ruling class” prefer to be in charge of the Supreme Court, despite the fact that the Idaho Constitution provides us, the People, with sole authority for deciding who should sit on the state’s highest court. The last thing these elites want is a high-profile election contest in which candidates are fully scrutinized by the public.

Justice Joel Horton is the pseudo-incumbent in this race. He was appointed by Governor Otter after the duly-elected incumbent resigned early in order to manipulate the choices presented to the public at the May 27th Primary. A select panel chose Horton. The masses were left to wonder who this guy was – and whether he would prove a blessing or curse.

We can thank John Bradbury, his challenger, for at least forcing the issue, for getting some information out to voters.

Both candidates responded to the Gem State Voter Guide – organized by Bryan Fischer of the Idaho Values Alliance and co-sponsored by this organization -- and we can now offer you some idea as to who these people are.

The two candidates are separated by their identification with U.S. Supreme Court justices. Both were asked which current Justice “most reflects your judicial philosophy”. Incumbent Justice Joel Horton named Antonin Scalia.

The challenger, Lewiston Judge John Bradbury, identified (former) Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. No person in modern times has done more damage to families and preborn children than former justice Sandra Day O’Connor. She has concocted more bizarre case law to defend legalized abortion than any member of the court. Presumably candidate Bradbury is well familiar with her activism and finds her elitist notions of the judiciary to be quite appealing.

This may not be much information, but it might be all we get.

The Board of Idaho Chooses Life has not made a formal endorsement in this race – but it seems clear that John Bradbury should be disqualified by Idaho voters in the May 27th Primary.

There are other interesting responses by these gentlemen that are worth your scrutiny:

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