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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Be Very Worried ...

In tonight’s State of the Union address, President Obama unambiguously proclaimed that he will “stay the course” on nationalizing health care. Despite public polls, despite massive public demonstrations, despite historic reversals at the polling booth – Obama has called his party to follow him over the cliff and enact “health care reform”.

It is so irrational as to be downright scary.

Perhaps Rep. Smith is right when he calls President Obama “abortion obsessed”. Because of all the special interest groups at the congressional trough – the most dedicated to ObamaCare is the Abortion Lobby. They know that passage of this monstrosity means a huge windfall for the baby-killing industry. More importantly, enactment of ObamaCare will mean a substantial increase in the carnage brought upon us by the Supreme Court’s ruling in Roe.

In light of that sober threat, Idahoans must press our Legislature to take pre-emptive action. We must urge the Legislature to enact SB1270, which provides conscience protections for our medical professionals. (Is it not obvious that, by protecting their rights, we are really protecting ourselves?)

That bill is now before the Senate State Affairs Committee.

We must also urge the Legislature to enact HB 391 – introduced by Reps. Clark, Luker and Labrador. This bill asserts our liberties under the 10th Amendment of the Constitution to make our own health care decisions.

The time to defend your family is now. Let your legislators know you are paying close attention.

Conscience Bill Introduced in Idaho Senate

Nancy Pelosi and President Obama are still working overtime to bring their health care revolution home. While the Massachusetts senate defeat obviously stunned them for a bit – all signs indicate that the grave threat to America’s future has by no means passed.

It remains to be seen if they can find a desperate path forward. But we must remain vigilant. One Democrat consultant explained it this way: The Democrats are in a position similar to bank robbers when the alarm rings. What do you do? You’ve already broken in the bank, already flashed your hardware. Logic dictates that you take a minute to collect the money before hoofing it down the street.

It is in that context that we moved forward this week with legislation in Idaho to protect the conscience rights of Idaho medical professionals – nurses, physicians, pharmacists, physicians assistants.

ObamaCare threatens not just to greatly expand abortion – it fails to protect our doctors and nurses from being compelled to participate in procedures they know are morally wrong. ObamaCare expands abortion while creating new pressures to prematurely end the lives of seniors and the disabled.

Given our great dependence upon doctors and pharmacists and nurses – it is fairly obvious that, by protecting the integrity of these vital professions, we are actually protecting ourselves and our families.

We need your help.

SB1270 is now pending before the Senate State Affairs Committee. We would greatly appreciate your help in encouraging members of that panel to support our legislation.

Please take a moment to send an email to the following legislators in the next couple of days.

Chairman Curt McKenzie
Sen. Monty Pearce
Sen. Denton Darrington
Sen. Robert Geddes
Sen. Bart Davis
Sen. Joe Stegner
Sen. Russ Fulcher

We are also most anxious to have your prayer support as we wage battle to protect the gift of Life.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Miracle in Massachusetts

The election of Scott Brown yesterday to the U.S. Senate is nothing short of a miracle. History buffs tells us that it has been some 60 years since a Republican was elected to the Senate from that bastion of liberalism. But that is the least of the historic indicators.

Start with the fact that this was “Ted Kennedy’s Seat”. Add the overriding dynamic of federalized health care, purported to be Kennedy’s dying request of the Democrat establishment, and you have a pretty large barrel of political gun powder. The people of Massachusetts took the dare and lit the fuse, providing real hope that ObamaCare is so much scattered debris laying about the White House.

As of this writing, the White House has not issued a public reaction to the explosion. No doubt the spin masters are earning their checks. Yet one can safely predict that any form of denial or minimizing of what happened will only further diminish Obama. He ought not try a replay of his phony answer for the huge Republican wins in New Jersey and Virginia. Hopefully, he will take the public rebuke like a man and hold himself accountable to this blatant expression of public disgust with his plans to nationalize health – particularly his immoral drive to expand abortion through public subsidy.

But there is such an irrational obsession with “passing health care reform” that one can’t predict the official Democrat reaction to Brown’s victory.

As we await their response, we can do so with renewed hope for our country. It seems that the Lord has once again extended His mercy to America.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Manhattan Declaration Reaches 370,000 Signatories

We learned from Chuck Colson today that the Manhattan Declaration project has collected over 370,000 signatories since it was launched by Mr. Colson and some of the nation’s most prominent Christian clergy.

The declaration marks one of the (potentially) most important developments in modern American history. Christian leaders from numerous denominations have banded together to pledge that their faith will trump obedience to immoral regulations, laws or orders from our present government:

“We will not comply with any edict that purports to compel our institutions to participate in abortions, embryo-destructive research, assisted suicide and euthanasia, or any other anti-life act,” the Manhattan Declaration says in its opening.

Clergy and Christians from across the nation have been adding their names, pledging to one another and to our Maker, that we will be obey God in matters of fundamental morality, particularly in the area of abortion.

Their goal is to reach 1 million faithful. We urge our readers to visit the website and, if you’re comfortable, join with us and others across the nation by adding your own name:

The days of decision are fast upon us. We must be good citizens, and render to Caesar what belongs to Caesar; but we must strengthen our resolve to deny Caesar what belongs to God.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Idaho GOP Backs Conscience Rights

The Central Committee of the Idaho State Republican Party met this weekend to deal with various party matters. We are gratified to report that it took the time to issue a call upon the Idaho Legislature to enact a strong and comprehensive law protecting the conscience rights of Idaho health care professionals.

The resolution adopted unanimously by the Central Committee said, in part:

Whereas the present national administration has repealed conscience protections for the nation’s health care professions enacted by President Bush, and whereas medical personnel are facing increasing pressures to compromise or violate their deeply held religious principles, leading some to reconsider their involvement in medicine, and whereas Idaho already suffers from a shortage of doctors and nurses… Be it resolved that the Idaho Republican Party Central Committee hereby calls upon the 2010 Legislature to enact strong and comprehensive conscience protections for all health care professionals practicing in our state.”

That is a terrific piece of leadership from the party’s elders, and ought to add some real momentum to our efforts to protect all Idahoans by protecting the integrity of the healing professions.

The Central Committee also adopted a very strong resolution calling upon the Legislature to resist liberal efforts to nationalize health care. The resolution was based upon the principle that the 10th Amendment does not allow Congress and President Obama to force us into collectivist scheme on health care.

The Republican committee specifically petitions the Legislature to pass legislative which will help protect the freedoms of Idaho families to make our own decisions on health care and to actively challenge as unconstitutional any national health care program.

We shall see what the Idaho Legislature does with these important and timely calls to action. States must rise to defend the people against the numerous threats being created by the Obama Administration.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Medical Skeptic Admits Abortion-Breast Cancer Link

The Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer issued a press release this week highlighting new research corroborating the linkage between abortion history and breast cancer. While the corporate media has failed, again, to inform women of the research – it is highly significant that the research comes from Louise Brinton, a researcher with the National Cancer Institute. Perhaps most important is the fact that Brinton has been among those denying such cause-and-effect in previously published research.

Brinton organized a 2003 NCI workshop designed to debunk the science showing a link between abortion and breast cancer.

This is no casual oversight by the media and medical establishment: Her research paper was published in April of 2009.

“Although the study was published nine months ago,” said Coalition President Karen Malec, “the National Cancer Institute, the American Cancer Society, Susan G. Komen and other cancer fundraising businesses have made no efforts to reduce breast cancer rates by issuing nationwide warnings to women.”

Malec could have included a chastisement of groups like Planned Parenthood – who purport to be champions of women health while making millions over future misery.

The study by Brinton and Jessica Dolle also found that girls who start taking oral contraceptives before age 18 multiply their risk of triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC), a particularly deadly form of the disease, by some 370%.

This continuing conspiracy to tell women the deadly truth about abortion is disturbing on so many levels. But it confirms the Biblical principle that death begets more death. It also proves that the pro-Life movement is not just pro-baby – but pro-woman as well.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

AARP Earns Its Pay-Off

Idaho AARP’s Jim Wordelman threatened Governor Butch Otter yesterday for his promises to defend Idaho from the health care boondoggle pending in Congress. In doing so, Wordelman merely seeks to defend the billions his organization is about to receive from Democrat pals in Washington.

It is the height of political cynicism for the AARP to attack Otter for “selling out” Idaho when the organization has gleefully endorsed a half-trillion slashing of Medicare budgets, which are guaranteed to jeopardize Idaho seniors. Just last week the Mayo Clinic announced it would no longer accept Medicare patients at one of its Arizona clinics because of absurdly low reimbursement rates. That situation can only become a spreading crisis if ObamaCare becomes law.

So why is the AARP, supposedly an organization dedicated to protecting the interests of seniors, working overtime to sell America on a reform package which threatens the very lives of vulnerable seniors?

Money. A lot of money.

Most of the AARP’s large budget comes not from its $16 membership dues – but from Medigap insurance kick-backs. The AARP is currently losing potential revenue to seniors that purchase Medicare Advantage health plans to supplement Medicare benefits. Grace Marie Turner of the Galen Institute declared back in November that the AARP leadership determined it was essential to end the Medicare Advantage program by forcing seniors to buy Medigap insurance instead.

Ben Nelson and Mary Landrieu were not the only ones to trade their integrity for some big pork:

Galen reports that ObamaCare “would dramatically cut money out of Medicare Advantage programs, forcing people to buy the Medigap policies that are such a big cash cow for the AARP.”
Insurance kick-backs netted the AARP some $650 million in 2008. That figure will dramatically increase if ObamaCare becomes law.

Governor Otter deserves a great deal of encouragement for his declared intention to fight ObamaCare in federal court. More than that – given the proven manipulative power of the AARP – Otter needs encouragement to follow through on his righteous determination to protect Idaho seniors, as well as the rest of us, from Washington’s outrageous scheme to remake the entire culture.

Hopefully Butch will put some additional energy into exposing the corruption of the AARP.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Adult Stem Cell Research 4th Biggest Discovery of Decade

Russell Turnbull lost sight in one eye in 1994 after intervening in a fight aboard a public bus. One of the thugs was squirting ammonia at passengers – some of which burned Turnbull’s cornea. Using stem cells from his healthy eye, doctors in England were recently able to repair his damaged one and restore sight.

That story is just one of the miracles associated with developments in adult stem cell research and therapy. The growing list of successful experiments associated with reprogramming adult stem cells led Discover Magazine to declare this area of medicine the 4th most important scientific discovery of the past decade.

Meanwhile, no effective therapy has yet to be produced from human embryo research – despite expanded funding by the Obama Administration.

In Ireland the pro-Life movement is pushing for legal protections of human embryos after the country’s Supreme Court ruled that frozen embryos are not safeguarded by the Irish Constitution, which expressly acknowledges the preborn child’s right to life.

Dr. Berry Kiely is quoted as saying that, “The human embryo is not potential life – it is human life with potential. Each one of us passed through this early stage of life on our way to birth.”

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