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Crane Deserves Re-Election

April 24th, 2014

State Treasurer Ron Crane does not have a contested primary this spring, but a word about his fine public service is in order.

Crane has served Idaho for decades, going back to his many days in the Idaho House of Representatives.  He was a leader of conservative forces then, and continues so today.  Crane was one of the very first legislators to receive our “Friend for Life” Award in 1998 for his leadership in securing a Ban on Partial Abortions in Idaho.

Over the past several years, Crane has endured some rather unseemly sniping from anonymous Republican legislators pursuing an agenda yet to be revealed.  They have tried to insinuate that Crane is somehow incompetent or even unethical.  After the headlines appear in liberal media outlets, the facts regarding various allegations never seem to garner the same attention.

Be sure of one thing: Crane is a hardworking, highly ethical public official who has done well by the citizens who have seen fit to re-hire several times as State Treasurer.  We have no doubt they will do so again this year, as he will face one Democrat or another this fall.

While we certainly endorse Crane’s re-election, this posting is not so much an endorsement as it is a public “thank you” for his many years of conservative leadership.

The Myth of “Safe” Abortion

April 23rd, 2014

Our friends at Operation Rescue have been digging into the documents filed by Planned Parenthood in its lawsuit to block the new Texas law requiring abortionists to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals.  Apparently the huge Abortion Chain revealed that it was aware of some 210 Texas women and girls admitted annually to hospitals because of complications arising from abortions performed at their own clinics. 

This tidbit is highly significant.  It is, of course, very difficult to come by data relating to the medical histories and complications of women undergoing abortion.  In addition to the standard protections surrounding patient privacy, there is a huge wall of secrecy erected by federal courts to safeguard the so-called “right to abortion” and to shield women from any possible social stigma related to their decision to end their babies’ lives.

Operation Rescue extrapolated the data to find that perhaps 1000 Texas women are hospitalized across the state because of problems associated with botched abortions.  Each year.

That is a rather staggering piece of data, and would seem to put the lie to the notion that legalized, mechanized destruction of preborn children is somehow “safe” and free from physical and emotional consequence.

The rate of complications for chemical abortions – using RU-486 – is many times higher than that of surgical abortion.

Operation Rescue goes on to project that if the Texas experience is applied to all 50 states, American women could be suffering terrible health consequences as a result of legalized abortions.  They believe it is likely that tens of thousands of women and girls – each year – could be rushing to emergency rooms and hospitals as a result of submitting to the deceptions of Planned Parenthood.

As a friend of our used to say, abortion is no favor to women.

To read the complete report, check out LifeNews .

Denney for Secretary of State

April 19th, 2014

The Board of Idaho Chooses Life has voted to endorse the candidacy of Rep. Lawerence Denney for the position of Secretary of State.

Denney has long served Idaho through his various roles in the Idaho House of Representatives.  Throughout his long public service, Denney has been an unapologetic advocate for Idaho’s preborn children.  He was one of the first officials to receive our “Friend for Life” Award back when he served as Majority Leader in the House. 

Denney’s opponents in this race, Evan Frasure and Mitch Toryanski, are both fine gentlemen who have previously been endorsed by this organization for other offices.  But in this race, Denney’s record of public service earns him our support.

During the time that Denney served as Speaker of the Idaho House, the pro-Life movement saw unprecedented gains in establishing protections for preborn children in Idaho law.  That was no accident.  Lawerence made it his business to create a welcome environment; every reasonable proposal to save lives was given his personal attention.

Much has been made by the liberal press and his political enemies over his very narrow defeat to a fourth term as Speaker in December of 2012.  Some have even tried to suggest that Denney had lost the confidence of his colleagues, or had somehow failed to properly fulfill his duties as Speaker.


Lawerence Denney is a public leader of unusual integrity and humility.  He carries the mantel of public power with a down-to-earth graciousness that is truly remarkable.  He will bring that character to the office of Secretary of State.

Denney lost the Speakership for one and only one reason: An unprecedented campaign by special  interest groups in the 2012 elections to elect legislators willing to support their plans to impose ObamaCare upon the People of Idaho.  These interests, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, succeeded in bringing a gaggle of freshmen into the House.  By combining their votes with House Democrats, they were able to create the ObamaCare Exchange.  It is that simple.

Idaho deserves to have a statewide leader of Denney’s caliber overseeing our election process and serving us on the Land Board.


ICL Endorses Hatfield for Controller

April 17th, 2014

The Board of Idaho Chooses Life has voted to once again endorse Todd Hatfield for the position of State Controller.

While specific pro-Life politics and policies are unlikely to be a regular item of concern for the position, ICL believes that pro-Life values are a fundamental qualification for any public office.  Mr. Hatfield has demonstrated repeatedly that he shares our convictions.

As a statewide official, Mr. Hatfield will be in a position to influence the politics and culture of Idaho in a positive way, helping to rebuild a broad appreciation for the sanctity of human life.

We urge pro-Life voters to support him in the upcoming GOP Primary on May 20th.

Another Woman Dies From RU-486

April 14th, 2014

A woman died in an Italian hospital last from cardiac arrest after taking RU-486 to terminate her baby’s life.  According to LifeNews, doctors were unable to revive her.

What makes this story particularly important is the fact that Italian law requires such abortions to be conducted under direct doctoral supervision.  And, at least in this case, the woman was given the two-pill regimen at the hospital.  One of the physicians involved claimed that the woman underwent two separate ultrasounds on each of her visits for the drugs. 

Planned Parenthood has been advocating for the right to dispense RU-486 over the internet without any direct medical examination or supervision.

Four hours after receiving the second drug – designed to cause labor so the dead baby will be ejected from the womb -  the Italian womb complained that she was having a hard time breathing.  Then her heart began to beat irregularly.  Just moments later, her heart stopped.  The woman was only 37.

LifeNews also reports that some 2 million American babies have been destroyed via RU-486 since Bill Clinton approved the drug for use in the United States in 2000.

The number of babies being chemically aborted continues to increase across the nation, as well as in Idaho.

The Price is Simply Too High

March 25th, 2014

We have been working for nearly twenty years in Idaho to end the horrific scourge of abortion.  That battle requires a ton of research and study to keep up with the complex evil of abortion and the innumerable ways it is corrupting our very civilization.

 But once in awhile, we are plain shocked by how far things have gone.

 The latest outrage comes from that once-upon-a-time bastion of Western Civilization and Christian values, Great Britain.  Not only has that nation helped lead the way toward a broad acceptance of abortion as an “ordinary” part of social interaction – we now learn that some in the medical industry have actually turned to burning the destroyed babies as a fuel source to heart their hospitals.

Numerous media outlets have reported that at least two hospitals in that nation use incinerated babies as a fuel for their “waste to energy” heating systems.

Once the Nazi-like practice became public, the Department of Health issued an order to ban the practice in clinics which are part of the National Health Service.  Health Minister Dr. Dan Poulter pronounced the practice “totally unacceptable”.

A British television station reports that they have documented more than 15,000 babies have been burned for their heat.  You can be sure that is but a small portion of the actual number.

This story is so far past outrageous that words become difficult.  Maybe words are the wrong response anyway.  Maybe we all need to pause and simply feel this closing darkness. 

Can there be any doubt, from a rational, objective perspective, that we are paying a horrific price to maintain the practice of legalized slaughter?  The long-ago predictions regarding the collateral damage to our souls and sensibilities is plainly evidenced by practices like the one uncovered in Great Britain.  Our devaluing of Life costs us all.

A Very Disappointing Legislature

March 21st, 2014

The 62nd Idaho Legislature adjourned yesterday, clearly in a rush to return home to begin their campaigns for re-election. The Primary Election is less than ten weeks away.

We are pained to report that this Legislature made absolutely no progress in protecting Idaho’s preborn children from the scourge of abortion. In fact, we probably went backwards over the past two years. There is simply no good spin to put on the matter.

We worked long and hard this session to get legislation enacted that would govern the use of RU-486 in order to protect the health and lives of women and girls using the dangerous pills. At the end of the day, we were unable to get a hearing in the Senate State Affairs Committee for our legislation. Part of that result can fairly be blamed on the pro-Life community itself: We had a very difficult time resolving serious disagreements over the profound question of how Idaho should treat cases of self-abortions. Yet agreement on language was finalized on February 27th, three weeks before the Legislature’s expedited adjournment.

We were then told that there was “insufficient time” to move an abortion bill.

It was a painful and frustrating message. We have seen many times the Legislature move quickly on issues it cares about. In fact, on the last day for a possible committee hearing, the State Affairs Committee took up the pressing matter of raising salaries for constitutional officers. And you can sure that that legislation was moved through the process before they quit.

There were heroes in this session: Sen. Sheryl Nuxoll, Sen. Steve Vick, Sen. Bart Davis, Rep. Judy Boyle and Rep. Tom Loertscher devoted many hours to studying the issues involved in regulating the use of RU-486 and offering assistance in negotiating the differences between pro-Life groups.

But their leadership and energy was insufficient to overcome this Legislature’s inertia.

This lack of action carries potentially serious consequences. As we will discuss in future postings, the Legislature has yet to respond to several devastating rulings by federal Judge Lynn Winmill – rulings which have cut a huge hole in numerous parts of Idaho’s Abortion Code.  Those rulings are now some three years old.

The failure to rise in defense of preborn children this year is particularly upsetting given last year’s defeats. As you will recall, the Legislature was determined to partner up with the President in imposing ObamaCare upon the people of Idaho. They then rejected our call for a Religious Liberty Amendment to that legislation which would serve to protect Christian employers from being forced to purchase insurance plans which cover abortion-causing drugs like Plan B and Ella.

Making matters even worse, the Idaho Senate failed to approve modest legislation last year which would have given the state’s pro-Life pregnancy centers support and encouragement by exempting them from the state sales tax – a measure which might have cost $10,000 a year. Good grief.

Time is short and the pro-Life community in Idaho must rally if we hope to move forward on protecting babies and their mothers in the years ahead. Our opportunity to elect a more compassionate Legislature is just weeks away.

Haskell Shows Us the Face of Evil

March 17th, 2014

Ohio abortionist Martin Haskell, the creator of the partial birth abortion method of killing preborn children, is under assault by Operation Rescue for his violation of a recently-enacted law. Defiance might be a better word.

The Ohio Legislature passed a statute requiring all abortionists working in the state to have a transfer agreement with a proximate hospital in cases of an emergency. Haskell refuses to do that, despite being ordered to do so by the Ohio Department of Health. According to a recent email from Operation Rescue, a court has stayed the Department’s order.

Meanwhile, another woman has suffered a botched abortion at Haskell’s hands. Operation Rescue reports a 911 call from Haskell in which he apparently laughs while talking with the operator.

We must ever remember that there is genuine evil at work in the abortion industry. The systematic destruction of human beings in the name of “liberation” threatens our collective humanity. That does not mean that every person working in the industry, or certainly every person affected by the industry, is “evil”. But make no mistake about the powerful, corrosive poison being pumped into our society through the work of people like Martin Haskell.

Nazi Roots of RU-486

March 11th, 2014

As Idaho comes to grips with the increasing number of chemical abortions, the public should be educated about the dark roots of RU-486.

The brand name of misoprostol, RU-486, comes from the French company which invented the deadly drug, Rousel Uclaf. That company is a subsidiary of the German conglomerate, Hoechst AG.

Turns out, this German company has a great deal of experience with the business of waging chemical war against the human race. Up through World War II, this company was known as I.G. Farben, one of the most dominant of German corporations. It was to this firm that Hitler turned for a solution to the problem of quickly and cheaply exterminating massive numbers of Jews and other undesirable peoples.

Their solution was Zyklon B.

A dozen executives were later convicted at Nuremburg of war crimes for their roles in helping Hitler wage war against the human race.

Can it possibly be an accident that this firm’s evil influence continues to be exercised upon humanity?

If you’d like to learn more, see the article on the subject now posted on LifeNews.

A Look Behind the Curtain

February 19th, 2014

So much of the abortion business is hidden behind the dark veil of “privacy”. But every once in awhile, the truth bleeds out.

LifeSite is carrying an interview with a nurse who has gone public with her personal journey through the murder factories which is Planned Parenthood. Marianne Anderson assisted with abortions for two years at an abortuary in Indiana. One of her functions was to administer sedatives to women and girls who paid extra for that consideration.

She recounts sex slaves being driven through the abortion clinic by their “owners” and forced into abortions. Teenage girls being pressured into abortion by mothers.

Anderson says that if girls started to cry during the “procedure”, abortionist Michael King would bark at them, “Now you chose to be here. Sit still. I don’t have time for this.”

She tells of another abortionist who would talk aloud to the various baby parts he was responsible for accounting after the killing was done: “Come on, little arm, I know you’re here! Stop hiding from me.”

“The sound the suction machine made when it turned on still haunts me,” she told LifeSite News.

Her story forces us to not only confront the emotional and physical terror faced by women and girls in submitting to an abortion, but it reminds us of the terrible toll this business must take on the people who deal destruction for a paycheck day after day. Clearly some of these people are emotionally imbalanced. Others are deeply wounded by the work they do. Many, no doubt, would like to escape and practice actual life-affirming medicine.

May the Lord of Heaven take pity on them.


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