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A Day Like No Other

June 24th, 2022

We knew all along that Roe couldn’t stand forever.  America is better than the barbarity of abortion.  Yet it is really overwhelming to see this day finally arrive.

We truly live in Biblical days, as our Father in Heaven continues to intervene in the affairs of men.  The blood of the innocent cries out to Him.  The prayers of His people, lifted up year after year, have ascended to His ears.  And He has brought about a mighty change.

The Lord has freed us from the shackles of Roe, from the oppression of a Supreme Court imposing its corrupt will upon the American people.  Now we have the freedom to rescue those babies threatened by abortion; now we have the great opportunity to extend the love of Christ to women and girls in need.  The overturning of Roe does not mean all these precious lives will magically be saved.  That work remains ahead us. 

But blessed be the Name of the Lord!  We now have that chance!

There are many people who deserve thanks and praise for bringing this historic moment to pass.  President Trump is to be honored for making sure that his nominees to the Supreme Court were people of integrity.  Mitch McConnell is to be remembered for keeping Garland off the Court; and GOP senators, including Risch and Crapo, are to be commended for making sure that Kavanaugh, Barrett and Gorsuch were placed on the Supreme Court.

But one man comes to mind as deserving of special recognition.

Justice Clarence Thomas has mightily stood against the tide for more than a generation.  His scathing dissents have inspired and taught many law students about the frailties of Roe and its abuse of the Constitution.  In fact, one can imagine that his powerful writings played a critical role in forming the intellect and practical morals of Justices Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett long before they arrived on the Court.

There are many challenges ahead, to be sure.  This historic moment will shake American society to its core.  Christians and the pro-Life movement will be tested. Corruption will be exposed in various institutions – including the establishment media.  And it will take time for people to reorient their expectations and behavior.

But for today, we shall glorify the Name of the Lord for His great mercy and passion for justice.