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An Historic Day of Thanksgiving

June 24th, 2024

Today marks the second anniversary of the historic Dobbs decision.  While the people of this nation continue to struggle with detoxifying our culture from fifty years of abortion ideology – this is a day to give thanks to the Lord.  In His great mercy, He heard the prayers of many crying to Him for justice.

The rejection of Roe was nothing short of miraculous.  So many things had to happen for the Supreme Court to finally confess its great sin to the American people.  There has never been a ruling like Roe in all of American history – when the Supreme Court itself violated the Constitution to amend the Constitution by fiat.  The Founders could never have imagined such a gross breach of the sacred public trust.

In addition to the Almighty, we must acknowledge a number of historic figures in bringing about this monumental correction.  There is, of course, Donald J. Trump.  Unlike his Republican predecessors, Mr. Trump meant what he said when he promised that he would scour the land to find pro-Life, Constitutionally-committed jurists.

But we must also honor two living giants in our midst:  Justice Clarence Thomas and Justice Sam Alito.  These two men have borne the burden of defending the Constitution for decades, subjecting themselves to public scorn for insisting that a great lie was being perpetrated upon the American people.  They kept the faith … and saved the Constitution.  For a season, they had the worthy companionship of Justice Scalia – but, alas, he did not live to see the final victory on June 24, 2022.

On this historic day, we look to Scripture to express our joy:

                “Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble, and he saved them from their distress. He brought them out of darkness and the deepest gloom and broke away their chains.  Let them give thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for men, for he breaks down gates of bronze and cuts through bars of iron.”  (Psalm 107:13-16).

But the overturning of Roe is just the beginning step in restoring justice to the land.  There are many battles ahead as we continue our fight to bring healing to the culture, and repentance for the great sin of destroying our own children.  May the Lord continue to be merciful and continue to provide help. We certainly cannot rebuild a Culture of Life without His aid.