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God Bless the Boise Rescue Mission

October 12th, 2022

We are thrilled by the announcement by Rev. Bill Roscoe that the Boise Rescue Mission has expanded its ministry to create a special focus on pregnant moms who may need help in dealing with the challenges of an unplanned pregnancy.

During the course of the Roe era, Idaho witnessed the annual slaughter of some 2,000 babies.  Our estimate is that some 98,000 preborn children lost their lives to the Abortion Industry.  With the historic implementation of our Trigger Law on August 25th , those days are over.

Now we must meet the challenge of loving and helping those girls and women who cannot turn to Planned Parenthood to solve their immediate crisis by killing the baby.  Churches, pregnancy centers, non-profits and the State of Idaho must step up to expand the services available to meet a dramatically increased need.

The great people of the Boise Rescue Mission have grandly answered the call by creating a new “Cradle of Hope” program.  They are now ready to provide temporary shelter and care for girls and women who need a safe place to stay during their pregnancy or afterward.

We have long known that many women choose abortion because of coercion from a boyfriend or family members.  Many are threatened with homelessness if they do not get abortion.  Boise Rescue Mission has provided an answer: We will give you shelter.  If you are a mother with other children – we will help care for them as well.

This is Christ in action.  May the Lord richly bless this effort and the great people working at the Mission.

Nor are they alone.  Soon, a shelter/housing program will be available in Nampa.  The Lifeline Pregnancy Center is soon to open a home for pregnant women.  It is called “The Nesting Place”, and is another example of the Body of Christ answering the call to demonstrate, in very concrete terms, the love of our Savior.

Idaho is better than an abortion.  And these first steps in showing the world that Life is better, that we can find a better way than killing our own future, are very encouraging.