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This is What Tyranny Looks Like

August 3rd, 2022

The US government filed a lawsuit against the State of Idaho yesterday in a desperate attempt to maintain federal control over Idaho’s abortion policy.  Having just been freed from the bondage of Roe – this development is particularly galling. 

Since the fall of Roe, Planned Parenthood and abortion cheerleaders like Pelosi, AOC and Harris have demanded that Joe Biden “do something!!!!”  Attorneys in the Department of Justice have obviously been busy trying to concoct some new legal claim that allows the federal government to continue imposing the lawful murder of innocent babies upon the people of Idaho.  Forget the 10th Amendment.  Forget the Constitution’s guarantees of limited government or the self-determination of the People.  What they cannot secure through the free process of republican government – the Left seeks to impose through the aristocracy of the federal courts.

We were delighted by Governor Little’s blunt public response yesterday to the lawsuit: The Supreme Court has restored the rights of the states to regulate abortion. “End of story”.  This legal battle is not only about protecting preborn children – it is a fight to restrain the federal government’s noxious drive toward tyranny. 

Still, there is reason to be concerned about this suit.  Idaho is one of about a dozen states with a Trigger Law.  Our law was enacted in 2020, and is scheduled to stop 99% of abortions in a matter of weeks.  It is significant that the federal government chose Idaho as its first victim, its first test case of their new legal theory.  The choice to sue Idaho first was, no doubt, carefully considered.  The DOJ’s hopes of reimposing Democrat control over the entire nation’s abortion policy depends upon winning this first case.

So why Idaho?

We happen to have a very “special” federal judge in Idaho – Lynn Winmill. While on senior status – he continues to lurk around the federal courthouse.  Winmill has been a patron of Planned Parenthood and the Abortion Industry throughout his tenure on the federal bench.  We don’t believe he has ever denied a request from Planned Parenthood in any of the cases he has handled during the past 25 years.  So the DOJ is likely judge-shopping.  And then there is the advantage of a liberal 9th Circuit which also has a very long history of abusing its authority to impose Planned Parenthood’s agenda across the West.  No doubt they will back Winmill’s last attempt to preserve the slaughter of the innocent. 

We must, however, resist any temptation to despair or even frustration.  Some folks thought that passage of the Trigger Law was the end of our work.  And that the overturning of Roe was a final victory.  But it was never going to be that easy to clean up the huge mess we have been making over the past five decades.  We are in a long struggle against the forces of darkness who will not quietly return to the shadows. 

And, in the immediate term – let us pray that, somehow, Lynn Winmill does not get control of this case.