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Idaho Chooses Life Mission Statement

“Now choose Life, so that you and your seed may live ….” — Deuteronomy 30:19

Idaho Chooses Life is a leading voice of the pre-born child in Idaho. Our sole objective is to provide accurate information and resources to mothers, families, health organizations, and elected officials to help them preserve the sanctity of life.

Idaho Chooses Life was founded as a political action committee in 1996 to support pro-Life candidates for public office and to lobby for preborn children at the Idaho Legislature. It remains the only social conservative PAC registered in Idaho. It is our firm belief that every candidate for public office ought to have a pro-Life value system. Respect for the sanctity of human life is a foundational principle of Western Civilization. Without a basic appreciation of the human being’s value—no person is qualified to hold public power over others. We seek to support the work of other pro-Life organizations — whether in the Legislature, in pregnancy centers staffed by dedicated volunteers around the state or in our churches. We give glory to God for the miracle of Dobbs and celebrate the fact that the Defense of Life Act is now the law in Idaho. Thousands of babies have already been saved.

But the work is not done. We must redouble our efforts to ensure that every child is welcomed into the human family – not only here in Idaho, but across the land.

A Record of Accomplishment

  • For some ten years, Idaho Chooses Life battled the Abortion Lobby to secure a strong Parental Consent Law. That mission was finally accomplished in 2007.
  • Several years ago we led efforts to pass a law which ended direct tax-funding of abortions— and declares that the public policy of Idaho is to prefer live childbirth over abortion.
  • Idaho Chooses Life has aggressively pressed the Legislature and Executive Branch to provide women and girls with information about the risks and options to abortion. Real progress has been made and we are committed to reaching out a helping hand to women in need. In 2018, ICL lobbied hard to create a comprehensive system for reporting complications resulting from abortion.
  • Important progress for Idaho’s prenatal citizens was gained when the Legislature passed “Noah’s Law,” which made it a felony for third parties to harm or kill a child in the womb.  At least some preborn children have gained legal recognition as human persons – helping lay the groundwork for over-turning the moral insanity of Roe v. Wade.
  • Idaho became the first state in the nation in 2008 to make it a crime to coerce a woman into getting an abortion.
  • With the loving and generous support of Idaho’s Pro-Life community, we have fought to gain conscience protections for Idaho’s health care professionals.  We helped passed legislation making it a felony to assist another in committing suicide.
  • For a number of years we have fought ObamaCare with its subsidies for abortion and embrace of rationed care for the elderly.  We continue to seek its complete repeal, as well as an end to taxpayer support for Planned Parenthood in any form.

We Need Your Help

Will you be the Good Samaritan? We need volunteer help, prayer and financial support, and opportunities to build the movement through speaking engagements at churches and civic groups. If you want to help, you can make online donations here or contact us. We are certain the Lord will richly bless your kindness.