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Planned Parenthood Closes Boise Abortuary

June 9th, 2022

In a stunning development, Idaho Planned Parenthood has shut the doors on its flagship abortuary clinic on Boise’s State Street.  This was the largest facility Planned Parenthood operated in Idaho, and the only one where they performed surgical abortions.

Signs on the shuttered facility direct potential customers to contact their remaining offices in Twin Falls and Meridian.

The State Street facility has been in operation for well over 15 years.  Thousands of babies have been slaughtered within its walls.  It is hard to imagine how any other business could take up the lease to do business on its blood soaked floors.

We praise God for this shrinkage in Planned Parenthood’s Idaho presence.  Clearly the Lord is moving and the Abortion Industry is on the defense as we await the overturning of Roe and implementation of our Trigger Law later this summer.

But we must acknowledge the diligence and faithfulness of area pro-Lifers in bringing this dramatic victory to pass.

For many years, faithful Christians have been praying in front of that facility – begging the Lord to stop the killing within its walls.  We have participated in those prayer vigils, led by 40 Days for Life and Respect Life groups from various Catholic parishes in the Treasure Valley.  Those prayers have wrought a beautiful fruit.

Stanton Healthcare is also due specific credit.  About ten years ago, they opened a life-affirming clinic right next door to Planned Parenthood’s killing factory – giving women and girls a last chance to change their minds about ending the life of their preborn child.

Praise God!  Stanton is still standing, saving lives.  Next door – the killing has stopped.