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Pelosi Opens the Floodgates

July 30th, 2021

The U.S. House of Representatives, under the evil leadership of Nancy Pelosi, is working to open the floodgates of taxpayer funding for the Abortion Industry.

Yesterday, the House voted on seven different appropriations bills.  They are awash with new revenue streams for Planned Parenthood.  Pro-Life members of the House fought to protect long-standing restrictions, but were turned back by close votes – 219 – 208.

Perhaps the most significant development is the elimination of the Hyde Amendment.  Pelosi and Biden are making good on their promises to provide taxpayer-funded abortions.  That will certainly lead to higher abortion rates in coming years.  It also means that every single American taxpayer will be directly funding the destruction of preborn children.  This has been a bedrock of federal law since 1976.

Democrats also eliminated the Dornan Amendment, which prevents monies to fund the District of Columbia from being used to finance abortions.  That restriction has been in place since 1996.

In addition, the Pelosi’s Democrats voted to increase Title X Funding – one of the largest revenue streams for Planned Parenthood – to a whopping $400 million.  A separate program to “combat teenage pregnancy” will be given another $131 million.

These are difficult times to observe, to be sure.

We must be vigilant in prayer, beseeching the Lord to deliver us from such evil.  And we must make financial support available to pro-Life candidates across the nation seeking congressional seats next year.  This imperious speaker must be turned out of office.