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Hard Not to Conclude That We’ve Been Ill Served by Government and Expert Class

January 8th, 2022

As we come into the third year of the “COVID CRISIS”, it is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid the conclusion that we have not been well served by the expert class which has assumed control over so much of government.  The strategies of lock-downs, shut downs and imperious mandates seem to be having little impact on the virus.  The tiny creatures just keep doing what viruses do.  We have paid a steep price, an unknown price at this point – yet the virus produces yet another surge. 

The solution? The expert class triples down on doing more of the same, only faster.

The economic, educational, social and health costs we have amassed during these two-plus years of too-much-government will take many years to count.  But we just ran across a very disturbing figure from 2020 which ought give everyone pause:

An insurance executive has just publicly revealed that the total death rate in the United States jumped a whopping 40% in 2020, among Americans aged 18-64.

No doubt the reader will immediately leap to the thought that this must be the impact of the Chinese Virus.  Not so.  Here’s a quote from an article in the Gateway Pundit (01.04.22):

“Working aged Americans have been dying at an unprecedented pace ever since the beginning of the manufactured COVID-19 pandemic, according to one of the largest insurance companies – but, somehow, the dreaded China-virus … has little to do with the catastrophic increase.

“Scott Davison, CEO of OneAmerica, presented data at a conference in December in which he showed that the death rate among Americans aged 18-64 has skyrocketed by a jaw-dropping 40% compared to pre-pandemic levels.  Davison stressed that he was talking about ‘huge, huge numbers’ … which are the highest in the history of the [life insurance] business.”

There have been occasional stories about higher suicide rates, deaths from drug and alcohol abuse during these past couple years.  While all the focus from our “leaders” and “experts” has been C19 – the simple truth is that the number one killer remains heart disease, followed by any number of other traditional causes of death ranking well ahead of C19.

One can only surmise that things have gotten so far out of perspective that we have lost sight of the basics of health care.  One wonders what impact hospital management and radical changes to health care delivery have had on the overall health of America.  From the data collected by the insurance industry, it certainly can’t be good.

Aside from 2020 being an extraordinarily lethal year – we must also note the tremendous long-term economic cost of losing so many productive Americans from THE critical demographic group in our economy. 

It is time for a great reset in our approach to the pandemic, beginning with a thorough review of the health care industry’s decision to push other health care threats to the back of the bus … while refusing to develop effective treatment protocols for patients in the early stages of COVID.