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The Real Kamala Harris

October 7th, 2020

Democrats are working hard to repackage Sen. Kamala Harris as a pleasant, moderate woman who just wants to serve America.  That will be no small task.

Sen. Harris has a dark and nasty history that betrays a radical vision for America.  She was, for example, a leader in the effort to smear Justice Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings.

But what troubles us most is the intimate relationship Harris has with Planned Parenthood.  Prior to entering the U.S. Senate, Harris served as Attorney General of California. She was that state’s senior legal officer when the horrific scandal of Planned Parenthood baby-parts trafficking became public.

Remember that video of an abortionist munching salad while negotiating the prices and procedures for acquiring organs harvested from babies?  Or the one where the abortionist wanted a Lamborghini from her partnership with the ghouls conducting medical research on the bodies of helpless babies?  Yeah … THAT scandal.

So one might think that a decent person, with large legal authority, would move to stamp out such barbarous and unethical behavior.  And one would be right.  If Kamala Harris was a decent person with a respect for the basic moral norms of Western Civilization.  But the fact is, AG Harris did not move to shut down these illegal operations.  Instead, she used the full force of her office to defend Planned Parenthood and to hunt down the pro-Life activists who had the audacity to expose America’s largest abortion provider.

Harris used her powers to suppress the public release of additional undercover videos.  She then sent no fewer than eleven armed agents of the California Department of Justice to raid the apartment of David Daleiden.  They confiscated his computer and all his video equipment.  She then charged Daleiden and several others with a string of felony charges – charges which they are still fighting.

Largely because of Sen. Kamala Harris, the notorious practice of harvesting body parts and organs from babies killed in abortion continues unabated; a practice reminiscent of the evil “medical research” Nazi doctors conducted upon prisoners.  Planned Parenthood has walked away, largely undamaged by its ghoulish side business.  The brave souls who exposed this evil?  They suffer ongoing persecution and prosecution in federal and state courts. 

That is the America that Harris seeks to impose on our future.  Where black is white, right is wrong … and babies are slaughtered for profit.  May God spare us.