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Thank you, Mr. President.

June 21st, 2020

Last night’s Trump rally was just what the doctor ordered.  After one challenge, crisis or outrage after another – it was downright thrilling to hear President Trump offer a full-throated defense of all that is great in America.  He gave voice to millions who wonder how the media and their Democrat allies could portray a nation so differently from the one we have actually experienced.  He provided comfort to the millions of us who weep over the destruction of our cities and history.  And Mr. Trump defended the thousands of men and women who wear the badge and answer the call to service.

Yes, this society continues to be challenged by serious problems.  And we live in an era in which “solutions” are thrown against the wall by socialists and other pundits; yet rarely do they bother to do the hard work of understanding the exact nature or scope of the problem.  This trend is even more pronounced now that most information in the public domain comes via Twitter or Wikipedia.  New demagogues pop up like mushrooms via podcasts or Facebook.

We are greatly blessed to have a president with the courage and vision of Donald Trump.  May the Lord continue to protect him and guide him.