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California Christians Once Again Assaulted by Their Own Government

November 23rd, 2019

The Supreme Court of California drove a tank over the conscience rights of Christians in that state by upholding a law which forces taxpayers to fund elective abortions.

The Missionary Guadalupans of the Holy Spirit, a Catholic women’s service group, filed a lawsuit against the State of California because the state now requires all insurance plans to provide abortion coverage. Members of group policies are thus forced to subsidize the abortions of other members, despite any moral or religious objections to that heinous practice.

That law, signed by Jerry Brown in 2014, defines abortion – even elective abortions – as “medically necessary care”. His action came after intense lobbying from Planned Parenthood. The nation’s largest death merchant demanded that the state deny approval for any health insurance plan that did not define abortion as “basic care”.  They even went so far as to insist that the State of California rescind approval for any policies it had previously sanctioned if those plans denied abortion coverage in all circumstances.  The Democrat Administration of Jerry Brown was all too happy to submit.

The Missionary group argued in court that the only abortions which could possibly be defined as “medically necessary” were those rare cases in which the mother’s life was threatened by the pregnancy.

But the California Supreme Court nevertheless upheld a lower court ruling against the religious order. Their edict seems to blatantly contradict several U.S. Supreme Court rulings against abortion mandates which do not accommodate religious objections.

It is unclear as of this writing whether the religious community will take their case to federal court.

But what is clear is the growing oppression demanded by the radical Left, and the sniveling obedience of liberal politicians to that unconstitutional agenda.