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Welcome Back to Nancy’s World

January 4th, 2019

On the first day of her restored reign as House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi made a down-payment on her debt to the Abortion Industry.

As hundreds of thousands of federal employees sit at home, Pelosi made an historic pitch to restore funding of Planned Parenthood International as the first priority of her plan to reopen parts of the government. As new caravans of central American immigrants threaten to launch yet another caravan, Pelosi decides that national security can be ignored – but the demand for more money to Planned Parenthood cannot be.

Border agents overwhelmed at the southern border with illegal immigrants, drug cartels and threats of international terror can just get by with the resources they have … but Planned Parenthood’s desire to destroy more innocent lives across the globe is a crisis which must be addressed. The Mexico City Policy must be overturned!  Today!

As profoundly disturbing as it is to see Pelosi’s radical agenda on display, we can’t claim surprise or shock. The folks who just took over the House of Representatives owe a profound debt to the Abortion Industry.  And they clearly intend to make good by helping Planned Parenthood destroy more innocent lives. Thank the Lord that we have a pro-Life president who won’t tolerate such despicable priorities.