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Oregon, California Seek to Impose Their Will on Idaho

August 21st, 2022

The Biden Administration’s attempt to impose its will on Idaho will be heard before Judge Lynn Winmill on Monday.  This lawsuit alleges that the “life-of-the-mother” exception for abortions is not wide enough to accommodate health concerns for pregnant women.  The Biden Administration is trying to use a provision of the Medicare Act to re-nationalize the abortion debate in the wake of Roe’s reversal.

It may surprise you to learn that the State of Idaho is also facing a concerted effort by about 20 liberal states to force Idaho into liberalizing its abortion law.  States like North Carolina, California, Minnesota, Oregon, Illinois, Washington – have filed a “Friend of the Court” brief with Winmill, urging him to rewrite Idaho’s abortion policy to accommodate their dark politics.  The Attorney General of North Carolina claimed that he was intervening in our business because a North Carolina mother might conceivably travel through Idaho some day and require an emergency abortion. Good grief.

Beyond the evil they seek to impose on the people of Idaho – it is rather outrageous to imagine that liberal politicians in places like Massachusetts believe they have a right to impose their immorality upon Idaho.

We are also under assault by a variety of liberal, pro-abortion “medical” associations.  Groups like the American Medical Association and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) have filed “Friend of the Court” briefs with Winmill as well.  They are here to support the pro-abortion agenda of Joe Biden and Planned Parenthood, while hiding under the guise of “women’s health”.  The simple fact is that many of these national medical clubs have been sorely compromised by abortion politics during the decades of Roe.  Many doctors have convinced themselves that killing helpless babies in the womb presents no great moral or ethical challenge to their role as well-paid health care practitioners.  Scary business.

(In the face of such moral blindness, aren’t you glad that we imposed a legal duty upon these health care providers to save the baby, if possible, even in those rare cases where an abortion is allowed under the Trigger Law?)

There is good news, though.  A group of pro-Life states are also seeking an opportunity to file a separate set of arguments before Winmill.  States like Texas, Utah, South Dakota and Wyoming clearly understand that Idaho is just the first test-case of Biden’s dubious legal strategy.  They appreciate that Planned Parenthood and their White House lackeys will use the Idaho case to re-take control of abortion policy across the nation.  Thankfully, our cousin states have no intention of standing idly by to wait for the federal hordes to arrive at their door.

The great national struggle over abortion has begun, and it has begun in Boise, Idaho.  States and communities have begun to choose sides.  The fate and character of a nation hang in the balance. We ask for your prayers on behalf of Monday’s hearing and our deputies attorney general who are working to defend the Trigger Law from an extraordinary national assault.