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Make No Mistake: Ketanji Brown Jackson is Dangerous

March 30th, 2022

It seems unlikely that our observations will make much of a difference to the Senate’s movement toward placing Judge Jackson on the US Supreme Court – but it remains important to speak out and denounce the choice.

Biden and his band of radicals would have us focus exclusively on Jackson’s demographic and ethnic characteristics.  This is the cheap distraction of poor magicians.

The plain truth is that Judge Jackson is a radical proponent of Planned Parenthood’s destructive sexual agenda; an agenda which threatens to destroy this nation.

Some attention has been paid to her history of treating pedophiles with great compassion and leniency.  Snippets of that record have seeped out, despite the White House’s desperate attempt to seal those documents from public scrutiny.  As objectionable as that record apparently is, we need to understand it as part of a larger ideological agenda.

Prior to her appointment to the federal bench, Ms. Jackson served as an attorney for Planned Parenthood.  She brought a case in Massachusetts trying to prevent pro-Lifers from being able to get anywhere near an abortion facility.  By no means could the Abortion Industry allow women and girls dealing with an unwanted pregnancy to speak with people able to offer a way out, a prayerful word… a loving hand.

Jackson’s role in that case demonstrates her dissatisfaction with the First Amendment, as well as a radical commitment to destroying innocent babies in the womb.  Jackson’s record on pedophiles is merely an extension of that same destructive agenda for those babies who manage to survive the womb.

Judge Jackson seems to be on a glide path toward the high court.  But it is important to recognize that her mission will be to serve as an agent of degenerative change on behalf of the evil forces driving Planned Parenthood’s war on children.  At this point, our only defense is containment: We must be praying for a national repentance and the election of responsible national leaders who will nominate morally sound people to the federal judiciary.