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God Bless Our Mothers

May 8th, 2022

Today is a special day in our society, as the sons, daughters and husbands of women everywhere pause busy lives to focus on honoring the women who have chosen to give us life.

I went to pick up a card for my wife yesterday.  I was struck by the traffic jam in the greeting card aisle, as men, women and children searched for the perfect card to convey feelings of love, gratitude… appreciation.  There are a lot of forces at work in our culture seeking to denigrate and devalue motherhood; it was heart-warming to see the card racks mostly depleted as people continue to recognize the great blessing mothers are to us all.

Motherhood is a sacred role, as the act of creating and nurturing a new life is a seminal moment in any woman’s life.  It is a moment of cooperating with the Creator to bring a new human being into existence, a new life full of rich possibilities.

The imminent fall of Roe promises, among many blessings, a new respect in our society for the power and grandeur of motherhood. 

Lord bless the mothers of our land on this special day!