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Mr. Smith Goes to Congress

April 18th, 2022

Idaho Chooses Life has endorsed Bryan Smith for Congress in Idaho’s 2nd Congressional District.

Mr. Smith is challenging Mike Simpson for the second time, and this run seems likely to succeed.

The simple truth is that Idaho needs fresh and more vigorous leadership in Congress on a host of issues – but none more important than the holocaust of the innocent.

Idaho Chooses Life has never endorsed Mr. Simpson, despite his positive rating with National Right to Life.  We have deep historical experiences with Mr. Simpson going back to his days as Speaker of the Idaho House in the late nineties.

During the 1998 session, Mike Simpson used all the powers of his office to prevent us from bringing forth legislation to ban Partial Birth Abortions in Idaho.  We also brought a Parental Consent bill that year.  Back in those days, it was the position of the Republican Leadership that no pro-Life bills would even be printed … let alone approved.  Mike Simpson would have succeeded in blocking pro-Life legislation yet again, but for the courage of several legislators – Ron Crane and Stan Hawkins come immediately to mind – combined with the angry protests of Idaho voters.

We actively opposed Mr. Simpson in his first run for Congress – which happened in that same historic year of 1998.  He had more than proven that he couldn’t care less about the abortion issue.  But we have largely left him alone since because he voted for pro-Life bills which came before him on the House floor.  And there has simply not been a viable challenge mounted against him in all these years.

But this year is different.  This is our best opportunity to gain an actual pro-Life advocate representing Idaho’s 2nd Congressional District.  And it comes at a crucial time for the pro-Life effort to eradicate abortion.  We remain hopeful that the US Supreme Court will topple Roe later this year.  That will make the Congress and the Idaho Statehouse raging battlegrounds for the lives of preborn children.

Mike Simpson is simply not up to that kind of fight.  We need someone willing to do more than push a button when convenient.  It seems fair to observe that Mike Simpson has a lot more passion for saving fish than he does saving human babies from intentional slaughter.

We need a fighter from the 2nd District willing to join with the rest of our great pro-Life delegation in a vigorous battle with the crazy baby killers who keep electing Nancy Pelosi to leadership.  We believe that happy warrior is Bryan Smith.