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The Wonder of the Christmas Story

December 24th, 2016

The magic of Christmas is all around us. And the core of that wonder is not great, sentimental Christmas movies, presents or even lights.  The center of that enduring magic is the baby Jesus.  And that makes Christmas the ultimate pro-Life celebration.

There is the obvious point to be made: Jesus as a newborn makes the connection to the pro-Life movement clear enough. But there is a greater depth to that fact.  The God of the Universe humbled himself to become a human baby, vulnerable and dependent in every respect.  He joined himself in a miraculous way to humanity, to the human condition.  He experienced that helpless, dependent condition – trusting himself to the care of a new mother and father in a dangerous world.  Jesus, the Son of God, became every baby; he became “every man”.  That is, no doubt, why he continually referred to himself during the years of his public ministry as “the Son of Man”.

Jesus made his identification with babies, children, a core part of his teaching. He made clear that our care for the innocent, vulnerable child was essentially a testament of our respect and care for Him.

This helps explain why the Lord takes the scourge of abortion so very seriously.

But there are other elements of the Christmas Story which can inspire us and teach us.

We have a mother who bravely overcomes her fear to embrace the gift of life. Mary accepts the problems of an unplanned pregnancy in a self-sacrificing way, becoming the very model of motherhood for all women.

We see a man who struggles with the sudden responsibility of caring for a wife and child, leaving behind his own notions of how his life would unfold. Joseph humbled himself to trust God and accept the blessings that an unplanned baby would bring.

And from those decisions and events, we see the power of God’s blessing spread from a humble manger to encompass all of humanity, through all the epochs of history.

The magic of the Christmas Story calls us to reaffirm God’s great gift of Life, and to defend that blessing with vigor, conviction and courage.

We pray that the power and warmth of God’s goodness fills your home this Christmas Season.