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The Closer We Get, the Worse It Seems

September 17th, 2013

We’re now about two weeks from the official launch of Obama’s health care revolution. It is anyone’s guess as to what will actually transpire when the enrollment period begins. But the last couple of weeks have not been pretty.

A review of the headlines shows that public opposition is growing, while the nation’s political class – particularly Republicans – continues to fiddle. Organized Labor has risen up to raise serious objections to ObamaCare and the devastation it will wreak upon existing health insurance plans they fought so hard to secure. But their friends in the White House have rejected pleas for an extra-legal fix of the problems caused by Obama and Democrats in Congress.

Instead, Obama has spent his time figuring out how to help members of Congress and their staffs get special exemption from the provisions of the very law they are imposing upon the American people. The greed and self-seeking of our national political class is simply disgusting.

Meanwhile, we learn that health care rationing is being implemented as an essential part of ObamaCare. The state of California, which seems to have a more advanced system in place to implement this “obamanation” than other states, has announced a package of plans to be available on its insurance exchange. Insurance companies are severely restricting the doctors and hospitals they will cover as part of their “networks”.

One doesn’t have to be rocket scientist to figure out that pushing more people to fewer health care providers will increase wait times and discourage people from seeking health care until problems become acute.

And then there is the news that Sebelius will order doctors and hospitals to collect “behavioral and social” data on patients. This data will become part of our permanent “Electronic Health Record” , stored and maintained by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Such data records will be linked to public health departments. In addition to data on gun ownership, this database will seek to track sexual patterns.

The more we learn about this scheme, the worse it gets. In fact, it seems a kind of madness has gripped has gripped our political class. The corruption of our Constitution and the ensuing threat to our privacy and personal liberty is so very painful to witness.

It would seem that the only clear option for the average American is to resist ObamaCare by refusing to participate in Obama’s exchanges. Perhaps Idahoans can “vote with their feet” next month when Governor Otter reveals his version of ObamaCare. If few people cooperate, maybe we can force an admission by the ruling class that Americans will not be hogtied.