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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Other Shoe Drops on Gardasil

Planned Parenthood and allies have persuaded a number of ideologically-retarded policy makers to force girls to accept a vaccination against HPV – the human papillomavirus. This is an obvious political strategy to prop-up the sexual culture Planned Parenthood and others seek to impose on America. They have already succeeded in persuading a number of Americans that abortion is the key to abolishing one key consequence of sexuality unleashed.

Birth control pills for girls as young as 12 is another strategy. Parents we’ve personally encountered have yielded to the perverse logic of Planned Parenthood – and abandoned the notion of imposing morality on their children’s developing sexuality. Instead, they merely suggest a “Code of Caution”, and urge their daughters to swallow birth control pills. This strategy is tantamount to giving kids the keys to the family car, while mumbling some forlorn hope that they won’t actually drive it.

But Sexually Transmitted Diseases have proven more difficult for the Planned Parenthood folks. It has been difficult to argue with overwhelming data showing massive and steady increases in STDs among America’s teenagers.

Merck & Company, all too happy to make more money from human suffering initiated a research effort to create vaccines against STDs. The first product out is Gardasil. And within hours of its approval from the FDA, governors and congressmen were urging girls across to immediately inject themselves with the new drug. Thousands have already been “inoculated”.

Judicial Watch has doggedly pursued records from the FDA to scrutinize the risks associated with this drug.

They claim to have uncovered 11 deaths associated with the drug. There have also been reports from 3,461 girls who have suffered “adverse reactions” – ranging from stomach sickness to paralysis.

Hopefully this information will be used by family advocates in various states considering laws mandating the vaccination of every girl within their borders. But it would be much more helpful if these same advocates could step back from particular battle. The fight over Gardasil is only a battle front in the war with Planned Parenthood to protect America’s children.

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