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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Your Help Needed

With the Congress reconvening for a “clean-up” session, it is important for pro-Lifers to bring some pressure to bear on our U.S. Senators.

After many years of battling, the U.S. Senate has finally legislation which protects families and upholds the principles of “states rights”. The “Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act” passed the U.S. House overwhelmingly in 2005; however –the two versions of this bill need to be reconciled in a conference committee.

This proposed legislation would help close the back door on those preying upon our daughters. Many predators evade Parental Consent laws by simply driving girls to next door states without such protection. The federal bill would make this criminal – unless the person bringing the girl is a parent or legal guardian.Democrat senators like Harry Reid and Richard Durbin have objected to creating a conference committee – in hopes of leaving the legislation and America’s teenage daughters – in the ditch for another several years.

lease take a moment to call Senator Crapo (208)-334-1776 or Senator Craig (208)-342-7985 to urge that they apply pressure to Senate Leadership to make sure this crucial bill gets final approval before the Congress adjourns. You might also call Republican Majority Leader Bill Frist and urge him to get the job done: (202)-224-3344.

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