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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Idaho Is Blessed by Judie Brown

Mrs. Judie Brown, President of the American Life League, spoke to a packed house on Friday night the annual ICL Christmas Dinner & Auction.

After some forty years in the battle to protect preborn children and their families from the scourge of abortion, Mrs. Brown has a wealth of wisdom to share –and blessed the Idaho pro-Life movement with some of that vision.

Speaking on the topic of “Obamaism vs. Truth”, Judie called the faithful to meet the huge opportunity created by the election of America’s most rabid abortion champion.

During his infamous remarks at Saddleback Church, Obama told Pastor Rick Warren that the question of when life begins is “over my pay grade”. The same argument was advanced by the Supreme Court when it imposed Roe on the nation. And that is where the pro-Life movement must focus its attack.

“Obviously, life begins at the beginning,” Mrs. Brown told the room. But the Supreme Court and Obama don’t want to get into the scientific details or facts. And none of Obama’s political opponents ever confronted him on the destruction of an innocent human being , which is central to the act of abortion.

As a result, most Americans were able to vote for a person like Obama without having to contemplate the true nature of his belief system, especially in the area of “abortion rights”.

Mrs. Brown challenged the audience to sharply focus the pro-Life movement on the question of personhood.

The event was a huge success and a real momentum builder as Idaho Chooses Life prepares for the upcoming Legislative Session. The Board of the organization is committed to an aggressive agenda. We will simply not hunker and play defense to Planned Parenthood’s agenda for the White House.

Judie Brown is the Grande Dame of America’s pro-Life movement; she inspired us and left many blessings behind.

We ask the Lord to continue watching over her and our friends at the American Life League.

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