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Please Pray for Our Legislature

January 11th, 2021

Idaho’s Legislature returns to the Capitol today.  The hopes of many rest upon their shoulders.

There is a sense of an increasing oppression overlaying our country and state.  The heavy hand of government is disturbing.  The failure of our federal, state and local governments to operate in any kind of normal fashion adds to the general anxiety.  Companies and stores, taking their cues from various political and social leaders, too often treat customers as unwelcome intruders – rather than the souls who pay the bills.  Many governmental agencies won’t even meet us that far: taxpayers should simply leave a message or send an email.

We are watching, with a sense of powerlessness, the great dysfunction in our electoral system and the failure of our constitutional institutions to do anything meaningful about it. 

We are scandalized by giant social media companies attacking the free speech liberties of Americans – both the powerful and the lowly; apparently doing so with the encouragement of many in government, and seemingly without consequence.

There is much work to be done at the Legislature.  We have several bills we hope to enact which will help save more babies from the deadly scalpels at Planned Parenthood.  But our ability to be effective this winter depends upon a restoration of an accountable, accessible government.  We must pray that the Legislature finds the resolve and statesmanship to defend constitutional government; we must join together and encourage our elected representatives to help restore a functional society. 

Given the disastrous developments on the national stage in recent months, it is more vital than ever that Idaho leads by example in protecting liberty and constitutional principles.

May God grant our Legislature the vision and courage we desperately need at this hour.