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Planned Parenthood Plans to Blitz Legislature

February 18th, 2018

Taking advantage of the school holiday on Monday, Planned Parenthood is planning a big lobbying effort to stop pro-Life legislation from advancing at the Statehouse. Sadly, high school kids will be prominent among their minions.

Top of their list: HB 572, which would redirect family planning funds to public agencies. This is one of the tax-paid revenue streams Planned Parenthood uses to transform our culture and corrupt our children.  That legislation, sponsored by Rep. Tom Loertscher and Sen. Todd Lakey, is now awaiting a hearing in the House Health & Welfare Committee – chaired by Rep. Fred Wood (R-Burley).

We are also hearing that Planned Parenthood is waging an aggressive phone campaign to stop SB 1243, sponsored by Sen. Lori Den Hartog. This simple, straight-forward bill would require the State to include the Abortion Pill Reversal protocol in the state’s Informed Consent materials.  They are obviously very scared about this information getting out to women and girls.  They know better than most that a significant number of women and girls taking the Abortion Pill (RU-486) experience immediate regret and remorse.

Their fierce opposition to the APR bill provides insight into the heart of this organization: At all costs, we cannot suffer those babies to live. We cannot tolerate women learning the truth, or learning of their actual options.

Our other legislation – HB 571, sponsored by Rep. Greg Chaney and Sen. Fred Martin – was just introduced last week. But we predict that they will become equally agitated over this bill – even though it has virtually nothing to do with Planned Parenthood.  This legislation would create, for the first time, a comprehensive system of reporting on the complications and problems women suffer in the wake of an abortion.  HB 571 would require ever doctor and hospital to file a report with the Idaho Department of Health & Welfare when they encounter a woman or girl seeking treatment for an abortion complication.

Imagine a database on abortion that is not created, controlled or manipulated by Planned Parenthood!

Please take a moment to pray for our efforts. And phone your legislator.  The local number is 208.332.1000.  Outstate citizens can leave a message for their legislator by using the toll-free number: 800.626.0471.