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Planned Parenthood Finally Confesses to Its Crimes

September 13th, 2019

The criminal trial against pro-Life champions David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt is underway in San Francisco. We’ll circle around to the chilling impact this trial will have on the First Amendment; but let’s start with this startling fact:

Everything we saw and heard in those infamous videos about the cold-hearted trafficking in aborted baby parts is true. Planned Parenthood and their partners in crime, StemExpress, initially denied that the videos and documents were accurate.  They claimed that the videos had been doctored, edited, to make them look bad.  The documents that Daleiden had uncovered were “fabricated”.  The MSM was all too happy to carry their message and help Planned Parenthood ride out the public storm.

Yet this week, when under oath, officials for StemExpress confessed that the documents and videos were accurate. They bought baby parts, included intact brains and even baby heads to allow some Dr. Jekyll to conduct “medical experiments”.

In open court doctors working for StemExpress even confessed to buying “beating hearts” from Planned Parenthood for studies underway at Stanford University.

Truly. This is truly horrific.

And yet, this criminal and barbaric operation remains free. None of those officials at Planned Parenthood or StemExpress are being held criminally accountable.  Instead, the young people who documented this assault on civilization itself face some 15 felony charges.

Can any reader seriously contend that this situation does not prove, beyond rational debate, that our legal system has been tragically compromised in order to accommodate the slaughter of innocent babies? Is it not heart-breakingly obvious that Kamala Harris, in accepting massive campaign donations from Planned Parenthood and their devotees, traded her integrity when she brought these charges against Daleiden while she was California AG?

And if that is not enough to drive you to your knees to plead for justice from the Father of Lights – we’ll mention this: This criminal trial represents the first time in California history that journalists have faced criminal prosecution for practicing their craft and defending the public’s right to know.