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Idaho Senate Takes Up ObamaCare Bill

February 12th, 2013

The Idaho Senate will consider SB1042 this week. This legislation will implement ObamaCare in the state through the creation of an insurance exchange.

Idaho Chooses Life opposes this legislation because it will facilitate ObamaCare – which threatens to produce the greatest explosion in abortions since the Roe decision.

Many legislators we have visited with seem rather oblivious to the dire pro-Life implications of cooperating with the Obama Administration in this scheme, arguing that ObamaCare is now the “Law of the Land”. We urge the citizens of Idaho to weigh in on this matter: From the outset, this nation was built on the concept of citizen sovereignty and a little principle called “consent of the governed”.

Polling in Idaho has demonstrated that Idaho citizens are in no mood to consent to what the Insurance Industry is peddling.

And as for the fatalistic argument that we have fought ObamaCare long enough and must now submit to reality: We have been fighting the Insurance Lobby at the Statehouse for the past 3 years on ObamaCare. They are by no means the reluctant patriots their PR campaign would have you and legislators believe. Rather, they are part of the original conspiracy – having been part of the strategy and bill writing back in the days of Nancy Pelosi. Make no mistake: Blue Cross wants ObamaCare because they believe it will be good for their company and profit margin.

There was a day in America when you could hear the expression, “What is good for GM is good for America”.

The atmosphere at the Statehouse these days seems clouded by the notion that what is good for Blue Cross is good for Idaho.

Hopefully your phone calls and emails will help pierce that fog.

And, hopefully we can find enough leaders in the Idaho Senate with vision to understand that we must continue to resist. For the Scripture tells us that where there is no vision, the people perish.