Buffet Fortune to Bear Evil Fruit

I’m sure you’ve already heard about the magnanimous gift by Warren Buffett to the Gates Foundation. He has reportedly donated some $30 billion to finance “good works” around the globe.

I don’t share the giddy with those leftist groups already counting the money.

The Buffetts and Gates are just the latest in a long line of capitalists who seem to seek some kind of human redemption at life’s end. And, like Rockefeller and Carnegie – these two are committed to solving social problems through human engineering and population control. Gates and Buffett are long-time backers of Planned Parenthood. Buffett is the man most responsible for RU-486 and its introduction into American society.

I, for one, dread the evil fruits of this huge pot of money. Combined with Gates’ own fortune, it is impossible to foresee what kind of medical experimentation or social engineering may be brought to us and our children through this immense fund.

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