Idaho Democrats Declare War on Idaho Values

Idaho Democrats have once again gathered to set forth their principles. It is already clear that they are more captivated by self-congratulations and approval from each other, their little band of left-wing believers, than they are in serving the families of Idaho.

Even before the campaigns begin, the Platform reaffirms their support for abortion-on-demand. They call it “choice” because it is impolite to talk about killing babies in the womb. Makes people uncomfortable.

They also declared their opposition to the Marriage Protection Amendment. Not even the leftist Democrats running in liberal Michigan were so brash and ideological when faced with a similar situation two years ago.

Set aside principle for a minute. How can they seriously ask to represent Idaho families in the Legislature and Congress when they open the campaign by denigrating the values of 70-80% of Idahoans?

Our point is not merely that Idaho Democrats are being politically unwise: The attack on preborn children and families raises serious questions about Democrats’ understanding of our basic governmental system. A person asking to serve his or her neighbors in the Legislature is going there as a representative; hence the title. Obviously Democrats will, if elected, not seek to represent those basic values. They prefer to lecture us about how small-minded and backward we are.

Handicapped by such arrogance, Democrats will continue to be largely irrelevant.

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