Who Parents Our Children?

What damage does Planned Parenthood do to our children?

A story from Rochester, New York reveals some of what goes on around us. All too quietly.

Imagine. A mother received a call from the neighborhood pharmacist explaining that he had just given her daughter emergency contraception pills. The mom immediately went to find her daughter, to find out what was happening with her. “Where did you get a prescription for these pills?” The girl, just 13 years old, told her mother that the school nurse had given her the prescription.

The mother stormed into the school, demanding answers. There weren’t many. Turns out the school has a Title X “health clinic” inside – with the authority to distribute pills and condoms to girls over 12. Welcome to the future.

Mrs. Thomas talked with the press: “The school is not going to put clothes on her baby’s back if she gets pregnant. That school is not going to feed and taker her to the doctor, that’s going to be me.”

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