Colorado Legislator Challenges Planned Parenthood “Party”

Capital BuildingA rather extraordinary thing happened on the floor of the Colorado House last month. The Legislature was scheduled to vote on a resolution honoring Planned Parenthood’s 90th anniversary of operating in that state. A pro-Life leader in the House decided that members should have an opportunity to confront Planned Parenthood’s handiwork before they congratulated America’s biggest abortion merchant.

Rep. Ted Harvey asked special permission to have Gianna Jessen open the day’s session with a powerful rendition of the nation’s anthem. Her performance moved legislators into singing with her.

Later in the day’s session, the good representative revealed to the chamber that Miss Jessen was an abortion survivor. The cerebral palsy which challenged her performance was the result of a botched abortion.

In Rep. Harvey’s retelling of the powerful story, he does not reveal whether the resolution honoring Planned Parenthood passed. Given Democrat control of the chamber, we are free to assume it did. But his essay does recount the tremendous peer pressure which came down on his head as soon as the full truth about Miss Jessen was revealed. The joy and congratulations which swelled around her as an over-comer swiftly dissipated into discomfort and anger. As co-conspirators with Planned Parenthood in producing Gianna’s condition, Democrat legislators were very uncomfortable being confronted with the humanity of their all-too anonymous victims.

The Denver Post apparently covered the story and interviewed Miss Jessen:

“We need to discuss the humanity of it. I’m glad to be able to speak up for children in the womb,” said Gianna. “If abortion is about women’s rights, where were mine?”

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