Pro-Lifers Win Big in South Dakota Primary

Capital BuildingWe continue to follow events in South Dakota closely, with the historic abortion ban on the ballot there this fall.

South Dakota recently held its own primary elections. Planned Parenthood and its friends in the abortion industry weighed in heavily to defeat pro-Life legislators. They were particularly invested in a race to support a pro-abortion Republican, Dr. Stan Adelstein. He was singled out by Planned Parenthood for its “Barry Goldwater Award”, a peculiar device to legitimize Republican politicians who oppose the party’s platform on protecting prenatal life.

Adelstein was defeated by Elli Schwiesow, an uncompromising defender of preborn children.

We are delighted to report that this man was defeated by a strong pro-Life Republican. In fact, not a single legislator who voted to ban abortions was defeated by Planned Parenthood or its liberal allies, despite intense and well-funded challenges.

This offers some strong encouragement as the ballot campaign intensifies.

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