Planned Parenthood Promises Electoral Vengeance

Capital BuildingThe head of Planned Parenthood Federation of America flexed her muscles last week, declaring that her abortion group will work overtime to elect pro-abort candidates this fall.

“We’re going to channel our strength… our power… to help progressive voices win across America,” said Cecile Richards. She noted that Planned Parenthood has 860 death centers across the nation, and has more members, employees and staff than the 50 state Democratic parties combined.

“What are we going to do with our power? …. We’re going to use it!” she added.

No doubt Idaho’s Bill Sali will be one of her targets.

Her threat is a serious one; but it raises a lot of questions about Planned Parenthood’s special treatment by tax-payers.

Jim Sedlak of the American Life League correctly observed that Planned Parenthood’s promise to use clinics and staff would be a blatant violation of its tax-exempt status. And what of the millions poured into Planned Parenthood’s coffers by a Congress bent on supporting its radical social agenda?

Such questions abound: But you may be certain that neither Congress nor the IRS will even launch a serious investigation of this matter. After all, Planned Parenthood has been getting away with murder for years.

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