Senate Considers Lifting Bush’s Ban

Capital BuildingThe United States Senate is supposed to consider legislation this summer that would force taxpayers to finance expanded research using prenatal stem cells. The House of Representatives has already voted to overturn the President’s ban of such unethical research – largely because of a liberal press that continues to hype the possibilities for miracle cures.

But the facts are quite different.

We oppose the use of prenatal stem cells because it destroys a human life. But every taxpayer should be outraged at the prospective waste of tax money on boondoggles. Remember the exposed sham of the South Korean scientist who lied about his breakthroughs? He’s just been indicted on criminal fraud and embezzlement by the South Korean government – which poured millions into Hwang Woo-suk’s operation.

The fact is, no prenatal stem cell researchers have made an advance toward treating diseases. Researcher Steven Milloy (publisher of JunkScience.Com), argues that the great progress being made in other areas raises questions about pursuing prenatal stem cell research in the first place.

We urge pro-Lifers to contact Senators Mike Crapo and Larry Craig. They should be asked to oppose the funding scheme. Any money available for medical research should be targeted in areas that show real and effective promise.

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