Great Materials Available

Pre-born childLet’s take this opportunity to let you know of some great materials we have available – all free of charge.

We have a pamphlet designed to inform pregnant women of the help available to them in finding an alternative to abortion. A list of clinics and pregnancy centers waiting to help.

We also present key information about the various procedures and the risks a woman should consider before she commits abortion. If you are dealing with a difficult pregnancy – or know someone considering abortion – please call us. 1-877-341-LIFE. Or send us an email.

And for our listeners in Southwest Idaho, we have prepared a pamphlet listing doctors involved in the abortion industry – and those who defend the sanctity of Life. That, too is free.

And if you’d like to help support this work – your donation can be made to:

Idaho Chooses Life
P.O. Box 8172,
Boise – 83707

Thanks for your prayers and on-going support.

Click here to order your free copy of "If You Are Pregnant". Or click here for a free e-book version.
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