Abortion Lobby Mis-gauges Support Among Native Americans

When the Abortion Ban passed the South Dakota legislature, the leader of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation announced that she would welcome abortionists to Indian land. They would be free to perform abortions from conception through birth.

She was way ahead of her people. The Tribal Council has since voted to outlaw abortions on reservation land. In addition, the council immediately suspended Cecelia Fire Thunder while they prepare impeachment proceedings.

There is no abortion facility presently located on tribal lands, so the ban does not have practical effect. However, it is a strong message to the Abortion Lobby. One of their key strategies after Roe is overturned is to seek asylum on tribal lands across the country, hoping to maintain a lucrative trade in human misery.

The action by the Oglala Sioux suggests that Native Americans will be sensitive to becoming host of America’s killing machine; there may also be an awareness of the role groups like Planned Parenthood continue to play in “ethnic cleansing”.

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