South Dakota Fight Goes to the Ballot

News reports indicate that Planned Parenthood has succeeded in collecting enough signatures to test the South Dakota Abortion Ban enacted by the Legislature this past winter. They recently turned in 38,000 signatures – which should be sufficient to force a referendum vote this fall on the issue.

Apparently some of those signatures actually came from pro-Lifers – who believe that the people of South Dakota should have the final say on such a crucial issue.

This ballot fight has national implications. If you would like to help support the effort, I urge you to visit the website of the American Life League. They are raising money to fight our battle.

We also ask Idahoans to pray that a majority of South Dakotans choose Life. They will reap great blessings – regardless of how the courts work their dark magic on the ban. May our neighbors be empowered to see through the fog of Planned Parenthood’s slick media effort to deceive.

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