Another Study on Breast Cancer

In light of the recent storm at the Idaho Legislature, the release of a new study on breast cancer has particular interest for us.

The study comes from Germany, and confirms research first published by the World Health Organization in 1970: pregnancies reduce the risk of breast cancer – even for those women with a family history of the disease. The decrease in risk gets more substantial with the number of pregnancies.

The protective effects of pregnancy are not impacted by a miscarriage – but are by an artificially-interrupted pregnancy; which is to say, abortion.

This new data is based upon the patient histories of some 1600 women, and was conducted by scientists at the German Cancer Research Center. Researchers speculate that the protective affects may have to do with the fact that glandular cells producing milk mature only during pregnancy.

Rep. Bill Sali is to be commended for standing on the truth first taught in scripture: “Choose Life so that you and your child may live….”

Of course, truth is not a big obstacle to those in the Abortion or Cancer Research Industries. They will, no doubt, continue to down-play or disparage such research because it conflicts with their political or financial agendas.

If you would like more information about this issue, we’d be happy to provide you with a terrific brochure produced by the Coalition on Abortion and Breast Cancer. Just send an email to Idaho Chooses Life.

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