Will Senate Republicans Abandon Fight for Judiciary?

Bloomberg Press is reporting that Senate Republicans are about to abandon the battle over judicial appointments. They report that senators from both parties have little interest in staging a big floor fight over some of Bush’s appointees. Some in the Senate claim that there are just too many other pressing issues. Instead, they will concentrate on confirming judges who enjoy bipartisan support. (Translation: “moderates”).

I couldn’t disagree more. There is no single issue more important than the battle to restore some constitutional boundaries on a run-away federal bench. As of now, there are eight vacancies on federal appeals courts – including our own 9th Circuit. This is the moment to strike, to press the battle for strict constructionists.

Press reports indicate that William Meyers, nominated by Bush to the 9th Circuit in 2003, will not even get a vote -- leaving us without a single Idahoan on the appeals court. His defeat comes because of objections from the Environmental Lobby and other members of the Big Left Coalition.

One is tempted to conclude that this situation is a classic example of the dominant cynicism of the Republican Party. The “judicial crisis” is good for stirring the base at election time and raising money. But apparently the pooh-bah crowd has no intention of actually reforming the judicial branch.

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